What episode is Hollow Ichigo vs Ulquiorra?

Ulquiorra, Conclusion! is the two hundred and seventy-second episode of the Bleach anime.

What volume does Ichigo fight Ulquiorra?

Ichigo VS Ulquiorra, Restart! is the two hundred and sixty-sixth episode of the Bleach anime….Doctor Strange in The Multiverse o Madness – The Loop.

Romanji Ichigo VS Urukiora, saikai!
Episode Number 266
Manga Chapters Recap of Chapter 313 to Chapter 339
Arc The Fake Karakura Town arc Part 2

What form did Ichigo use to defeat Ulquiorra?

Ichigo attacks Ulquiorra with his Getsuga Tenshō-infused Tensa Zangetsu.

How does Ichigo defeat Ulquiorra?

Ulquiorra stabs at Ichigo, who dodges, causing Ulquiorra’s sword to hit a pillar, which is heavily damaged. When Ichigo slashes at him, Ulquiorra blocks with his Zanpakutō before slashing at Ichigo, who ducks and attacks Ulquiorra.

What happens to Ulquiorra in the manga?

Ulquiorra begins to dissolve into ash. Ichigo tells Ulquiorra to cut off his left arm and leg as well if this is the case before stating that settling this will not be fair unless he is in the same condition as Ulquiorra to begin with.

How did Ichigo get saved from the Exequias?

Ichigo is saved when Zabimaru smashes into several of the Exequias, sending them flying away. On the ground below, Renji Abarai attacks the rest of the Exequias around Ichigo, who calls out to him. Yasutora Sado uses El Directo on the pillar which Rudbornn and the Exequias are standing on, causing it to break apart and crumble beneath their feet.

What is Ichigo’s new form in the manga?

Ichigo transforms into a new, humanoid Hollow form. Hearing Orihime call his name, Ichigo mentally tells his body to stand up because he will protect her.