What episode does dels dad come back?

When Del and Rodney’s estranged father shows up on Christmas Day after an eighteen-year absence, the Trotter family is suddenly thrown into turmoil. Worse still, he claims he has an heredita… Read all.

Is Del Boy Rodney’s dad?

Synopsis. Rodney and Grandad are watching television on Christmas Day, when a stranger appears at the door. The stranger turns out to be Del Boy and Rodney’s father (and Grandad’s son) Reg, who had abandoned them 18 years earlier after the death of their mother.

Who is Delboys father?

Reginald TrotterDel Boy / Father
Reg Trotter, absentee father to Del and Rodney, unexpectedly arrives to celebrate Christmas with his boys. Reg explains that he has been living in Newcastle, and after a visit from the infirmary, was diagnosed with hereditary blood disorder. Scared for their well-being, he decided to tell his two sons.

How did Del and Rodney’s mum died?

She died of an alcohol related illness due to both her sham marriage to Reg Trotter and being hit hard by the death of her secret lover Freddie “The Frog” Robdal.

What episode is Reg Trotter in?

Thicker than Water
Reginald Trotter appeared in one episode of Only Fools and Horses, Thicker than Water, first shown at Christmas 1983, where he was played by Peter Woodthorpe and appeared, more prominently, in the prequel Rock And Chips played by Shaun Dingwall.

Why is Derek called?

Derek Edward Trotter was born on the 10 December 1945 in Orchard Street, Peckham, South London to Reg Trotter and his wife Joan Mavis Trotter, where Del was led to believe his birth was the most exciting thing since The Blitz. He was named after his two grandfathers Derek and Edward.

What is Del Boy short for?

Derek Edward Trotter, more commonly known as Del Boy, is a fictional character from the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses and one of the main characters of its spinoff series, Rock & Chips.

What happened Rodneys dad?

He was abusive to Joan when they were married, hence one of the reasons why she had an affair in 1960. Reg presumed that he was the father of Rodney Trotter born in November 1960….

Reg Trotter
Date of birth 26 June, 1924 (died prior to 2015)
Occupation Unemployed

Are Del Boy and Rodney related?

Rodney Charlton Trotter was a character in Only Fools And Horses from 1981 to 2003 and again in 2014. He was the younger half brother of Derek “Del Boy” Trotter and son of Joan Mavis Trotter and Freddie “The Frog” Robdal, due to Joan having an extra marital relationship with Freddie in February 1960.

What did dels mum say on her deathbed?

Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter : I remember what Mum said on her death bed. She said to me: “Del,” she said, “please give little Rodney all the encouragement that you can. Never, Del, never hold him back.”

Will Del Boy and Rodney return in Only Fools and horses?

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Is Only Fools and horses (1997) a remake?

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Who are the guest actors in Only Fools and horses?

The most frequent roles for guest actors in Only Fools and Horses were as Del or Rodney’s once-seen girlfriends, barmaids at the Nag’s Head, or individuals the Trotters were doing business with.

Is there a’Only Fools and Horses’prequel planned?

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