What drugs are expectorants?


  • Bidex 400.
  • guaifenesin.
  • iosat.
  • Mucinex.
  • Organidin NR.
  • Pima Syrup.
  • potassium iodide.
  • SSKI.

What is the brand name of expectorant?

List of Expectorants:

Drug Name Reviews
Mucinex (Pro) Generic name: guaifenesin 137 reviews
Mucinex Maximum Strength Generic name: guaifenesin 7 reviews
Robafen Generic name: guaifenesin 2 reviews
SSKI (Pro) Generic name: potassium iodide 1 review

What are expectorants give examples?

Expectorant: A medication that helps bring up mucus and other material from the lungs, bronchi, and trachea. An example of an expectorant is guaifenesin, which promotes drainage of mucus from the lungs by thinning the mucus, and also lubricates the irritated respiratory tract.

What’s the best expectorant for cough?

The only expectorant available in OTC products is guaifenesin (2 brand names: Mucinex, Robitussin Chest Congestion).

What medicine is best for Covid cough?

If you have a wet cough with lots of mucus, you want to take an expectorant to help get the mucus out. If you have a dry cough, a cough suppressant is what you want. Make sure you choose the right one. For pain, try acetaminophen.

What are natural expectorants?

Some natural expectorants are honey, steam and peppermint. These work best when taken with a medicinal expectorant. Staying hydrated and drinking up to 8 glasses of water a day, in conjunction with expectorants, will help loosen mucus.

Is ambroxol an expectorant?

Ambroxol and bromhexine are mainly used by mouth as expectorants to help make the mucus thinner and therefore easier to be cleared away in patients with short- or long-term diseases of the lungs or airways. For ambroxol, lozenge formulations are also available to relieve sore throat.

What is the best medicine for mucus in throat?

Expectorants, such as guaifenesin (Mucinex, Robitussin) can thin and loosen mucus so it will clear out of your throat and chest. Prescription medications. Mucolytics, such as hypertonic saline (Nebusal) and dornase alfa (Pulmozyme) are mucus thinners that you inhale through a nebulizer.

What is the best meds for Covid?

Ibuprofen, which is also known by the brand names Advil and Motrin, is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). These types of medications can help lower your fever and minimize muscle aches from COVID-19, while also reducing some inflammation in your body.