What does the flashing D mean on Walgreens thermometer?

Low battery indicator: when the symbol” D “appears, the battery need to be replaced.

How do I calibrate my Walgreens infrared thermometer?

– Within 10 seconds, focus the thermometer close to an internal wall (at a point between 30 and 60 inches from the floor), then press and release the Home” Button. The thermometer will have quickly calibrated the room temperature and ready to achieve Optimum Body Temperature Accuracy.

How do I change my Walgreens thermometer to Fahrenheit?

Question About Walgreens Thermometer 68-340 1 Per manual, “To switch between F and C, press and hold the SCAN button. While holding the SCAN button, press the Memory (M) button to toggle between modes.”

How do I change the battery in my Walgreens thermometer?

CHANGING THE BATTERY The battery in your digital thermometer needs to be replaced when “ ” appears in the lower right of the display. Replace the battery with an LR41 alkaline or SR41 silver oxide type. To replace the battery, remove the battery cap (see diagram). Remove the battery using a non-metal tool.

How do you use the Walgreens Temple Touch thermometer?

Use this thermometer on a clean dry temple. Wipe away any perspiration prior to use. b. Move hair aside from the temporal area and apply the probe to bare skin….Quick start:

  1. Press and release the button, wait 2 seconds.
  2. Hold to temple, wait for beep.
  3. Read result.

How do I calibrate my infrared thermometer?

Point the thermometer straight down into the bottom of the comparator and take a measurement. The instrument should read within 1 °C of the Reference Thermometer at 22°C ambient room temperature, depending on the accuracy of the thermometer.

What battery goes in a digital thermometer?

The LR41 (192) battery is one of the most popular sizes used in these devices, perfect for a diverse range of different branded thermometers. Further information about the batteries can be found when a product is selected.