What does the ending of XCOM 2 mean?

Once they came to Earth, these aliens found what they were looking for in human DNA. By the end of XCOM 2, they were within reach of finishing a project that would have led to the mass genocide of humans all over the planet, who would be melted down and turned into a liquid used in the creation of the Avatar project.

Is XCOM 2 a sequel to Enemy Unknown?

XCOM 2 is a 2016 turn-based tactics video game developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games. It is the sequel to 2012’s reboot of the series, XCOM: Enemy Unknown; it takes place 20 years after the events of Enemy Unknown.

Does XCOM Enemy Within have multiple endings?

There are only two possible outcomes to the game, winning, by killing the “priests” at the temple ship, or losing, where 8 nations have left the XCOM project. There is another condition, where the volunteer (the soldier used in the gallop chamber) must survive the final battle (temple ship).

What happens in XCOM 2 when Avatar project completes?

Successfully finishing a generic Avatar Project Facility mission reduces the Avatar Project Progress by a value equal to the progress that facility has contributed. The value is visible as the number of red dots below the facility on the Geoscape. There does not appear to be an upper limit.

Does War of the chosen have a different ending?

The final mission also remains the same, except that each Chosen who was not killed permanently will appear to fight the Commander’s avatar and his forces. After the Elders are defeated, a new cutscene after the original ending shows the three new factions emerging from the shadows.

What happened at the end of XCOM?

the ending to the first xcom is irrelevant since in this game, we lost. We didn’t save Earth, so what happened was the aliens came and took over. 🙂 So since you did play it you know the basic story about the attack, just imagine where you left off is where we lost the fight.

Does Advent blacksite reduce Avatar project?

Yes, the Advent Blacksite mission reduces the Avatar-progress by 2 pips (Legend difficulty) and will stop the timer, if it’s already running. Other facilities will reduce the progress by the number of pips shown below the facility on the Geoscape.

Is XCOM 2 open ended?

FEATURES. XCOM ON THE RUN: Take command of the Avenger, an alien supply craft converted to XCOM’s mobile headquarters. New open-ended gameplay lets you decide where to guide your strike team, how to grow popular support, and when to combat enemy counter-operations.