What does the A300 Beluga carry?

The A300-600ST Super Transporter can carry a payload of 47 metric tons (103,616 pounds) over a range of 1,500 nautical miles. The A300-600ST Super Transporter is operated by a crew of three: two pilots and a loadmaster. It’s easy to see how the Beluga got its nickname. Seriously, the resemblance is uncanny.

How much cargo can a A300 carry?

On the main deck, the A300-600F’s capacity is 15 96 X 96 X125-inch pallets in single-row loading, or the side-by-side loading of up to 21 pallets sized at 88 X 96 X 125-inches. The underfloor cargo holds accept both LD3 containers (a total of 23) and pallets.

What does the Airbus Beluga carry?

Over time, the Beluga has been used to carry a variety of special loads, including space station components, large and delicate artwork, industrial machinery, and intact helicopters. The A300-600ST’s freight compartment is 7.4 m (24 ft) in diameter and 37.7 m (124 ft) long; maximum payload is 47 tonnes.

Is the Airbus Beluga A cargo plane?

Airbus is establishing an all-new cargo airline using its fleet of five Beluga “Super Transporter” planes. The aircraft will fly outsized freight, like satellites, helicopters, and military equipment, for contract customers. The new entity comes as air cargo continues to be in high demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is there any A300 still flying?

Over the 30 years it was in production, 567 aircraft were delivered to 22 different carriers, according to data from ch-aviation. Today, around 170 A300s are still in service, despite their age. The vast majority, however, are cargo aircraft.

Is Airbus Beluga bigger than A380?

The XL model has a much bigger capacity than its predecessor. In fact, while the fuselage is almost 7 meters longer, it is now also 1.7 meters wider at 8.8m. The Airbus A380’s fuselage is only 7.14 meters wide. The second Beluga rolled out of the manufacturing hangar in March 2019.

Is A300 still flying?

After more than three decades of successful production, the A300 is now becoming a rare sight in our skies. Some 170 aircraft remain flying, quite a feat given their age, but just 11 of these still fly passengers onboard. Here are the five airlines still operating the A300 for passengers.

How much runway does a A300 need?

For A300/A310 and A330/A340 aircraft, 45m is the minimum runway width recommended as per ICAO.

How many wings does the Beluga carry?

The O.G. For reference, the BelugaXL can carry both wings for Airbus’s large A350 airliner. The original Beluga can only carry one wing.

What is the biggest plane ever built?

The An-225
The An-225 is the heaviest aircraft ever built, with a maximum takeoff weight of 710 tons. It holds the record for total airlifted payload at 559,580 pounds, as well as airlifted single-item payload at 418,830 pounds.