What does Stephen Carpenter tune to?

Carpenter goes on the road with a bevy of his signature ESP axes. An SC-600 that’s loaded with EMG 81 and 85 pickups and tuned to standard pitch is usually reserved for the band’s earliest material. More recent signature additions include a 27”-scale STEF-T7B single-cut 7-string tuned to C-G-C-F-A-D-D.

What pedals does Carlos Santana use?

Santana’s pedalboard is about as minimal as it gets. He starts with a 50′ Canare GS-6 cable with Switchcraft and Neutrik connectors. This runs into a Pete Cornish LD1 line driver and then a Real McCoy Custom RMC4 Wah Pedal made by Geoffrey Teese.

What pedals does Wes Borland use?

According to Wes’ tech, he will often experiment in the studio, “There could be different amps in the studio, I know he uses Fender EVH or Orange (Dark Terror, Thunderverb). He has also been known to use Fender, Charvel, and Bilt guitars in the studio.

What pedals do Deftones use?

On his pedalboard he shows off his MXR EVH Flanger guitar pedal. Other interesting pedals we see are two of the TC Electronic DITTO X2 pedals, a Strymon Big Sky Reverb pedal, Strymon TimeLine Multidimensional Delay Pedal, Pigtronix Gatekeeper Micro Noise Gate Pedal, and more!

Does Deftones use 7 strings?

Whether utilizing seven strings or eight, Deftones have packed some serious subsonics into their music over the years.

What amp does John Mayer use?

John’s new signature amp is the Paul Reed Smith J-Mod 100. This amp is custom built to his specifications and features a single channel input with a very simplified control setup.

How does Wes Borland tune his guitar?

Borland tunes his guitars to C# standard tuning (C# F# B E G# C#) and to Drop B tuning (B F# B E G# C#). He also tunes his 4-string baritone guitars to a variant of this tuning with a low F# string, which is a bass string (F# F# B E).

What does Wes Borland play on nookie?

“‘Nookie’ is a four-string guitar. But PRS just made me this which is like the Primus one. Kahler made this custom for this guitar, which is like the Les Claypool one.