What does no loop current detected mean?

No Loop Current indicates that the phone line is not being detected by the board, and usually means the line is bad or misconfigured.

What is loop current in a fax?

Loop current in fax is when the fax board solution tries to signal the communication channel it needs to communicate to the gateway or network segment it is directly connected to. This is where errors can occur, and RightFax can report on what is happening when there is a failed transmission.

What is a Rsprec error?

A COMREC error or RSPREC error indicates that one of two events occurred. 1) a DCN (disconnect) signal was received from the far-end fax machine, or 2) an FCS (frame check sum) error was detected on data from the far-end fax machine and the incoming signal was still present after 3 seconds.

What does transmission error mean in RightFax?

Transmission errors occur when a call is successfully placed from the fax server to the end point fax device (or from an end point sending device to the fax server), but the overall quality of the connection between the two end points is insufficient to convey the fax data effectively to or from the remote device.

How long does it take a fax to reach its destination?

When sending or receiving a fax, documents that contain mostly text usually take approximately 1 minute per page. For documents that contain graphics (e.g. scans of documents), or for faxes that are being sent through a slow phone line, it may take 5 minutes per page or more to be sent or delivered.

What is RightFax used for?

OpenText RightFax is a server-based software application for centralized, paperless faxing. As of 2022, it supports virtual, physical, or hybrid fax architecture and integrates with all major line-of-business applications and devices (either natively or through our Paperless middleware).

What does error in fax transmission mean?

The Failed (Fax negotiation failed) error could occur for different reasons: The system initiated a fax transmission but could not synchronize with the far-end fax. A remote fax machine was detected, but the sending and receiving modems could not establish communication.

Why won’t my fax machine send or receive faxes?

Fax issues where you can send, but not receive is typically an issue with the phone line or incorrect setup. If received faxes seem to be going through, but isn’t printing and there is no error message, refer to Faxes are received but not printing out (Fax Preview) to confirm that the Fax Preview feature isn’t enabled.