What does mummers mean in Newfoundland?

Mummering, or mumming, is a Christmas-time house-visiting tradition practised in Newfoundland and Labrador, Ireland, City of Philadelphia, and parts of the United Kingdom.

What is the point of mummering?

“It’s any man, woman or child involved in the fantasy of song, dance and costume splendor on each January 1st in the annual Philadelphia New Year’s Day parade,” said Martz. The mummers devote an entire year to crafting their costumes, writing their skits, rehearsing their performances.

What is the origin of the mummers?

The Philadelphia Mummers Parade is believed to be one of the oldest folk festivals in America, and a tradition that has been going on since the time of ancient Egyptians. However, the word Mummer can be traced back to ancient Greece. It is derived from Momus, the personification of satire and mockery.

Why was mummering banned in the 1800s?

During the 1850s and ’60s, mummering became associated with violence, often along religious lines. It came to a head in 1860 when Isaac Mercer was murdered, which led to a ban on mummering. Though it might have been illegal, mummering persisted, especially in smaller communities where police presence was more lax.

Why is it important that the Newfoundland mummers identity be guessed by the host?

A great guessing game ensues as the hosts try to guess the identities of the mummers. When correctly identified, the revellers remove their masks, but if not identified, they can keep them on.

Why is it called Mummers Parade?

The Mummers derive their name from the Mummers’ plays performed in Philadelphia in the 18th century as part of a wide variety of working class street celebrations around Christmas.

Why is it important that the Newfoundland Mummers identity be guessed by the host?

What movie was the Mummers dance in?

1 on the Adult Alternative Songs chart. It was used as the theme for the TV series Legacy. It was also used in the trailer for the film Ever After, starring Drew Barrymore, and in the soundtrack of the Brazilian telenovela Corpo Dourado.

What happened with Mummers Parade?

The Mummers did not march in 2021 after the city banned all large-scale events as part of its coronavirus mitigation efforts — there was a much smaller and widely criticized “protest parade” that year — so this year’s event was supposed to be their big comeback, much to the chagrin of some residents concerned about the …

How do you become a mummer?

You can become a Mummer by contacting any Mummer organization and asking about their individual membership process.

What does any Mummers lowed in mean?

The idea is for you to guess who they are, if you cannot guess it is within the rules of the game to strip them—if you think you are able. Remember there may be a dozen in the party, and you may have a dozen parties during the evening. They on their part try to get food—they call it “blackstuff,” meaning cake and wine.

How is the hobby horse part of the mummering tradition?

An integral part of the whole mummering tradition is the making and wearing of a hobby horse. The hobby horse is an odd creation, with a horse-like head, beady eyes, crooked hobnail teeth, and a giant hunchback. It has a reputation for being menacing and terrifying – often clearing a room of small children upon entry.