What does M mean on Qld licence?

M. You may only drive while carrying a current medical certificate form (F3712). You must obey any conditions listed on the certificate. RD. You may only learn to drive a class of motor vehicle stated on your Returning Driver Certificate.

Is ADHD a disability Queensland?

It is recognized as a disability under the 1992 Disability Discrimination Act. In Australia, the National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing reported that 11% of children and adolescents fulfilled the criteria for ADHD.

What does condition’s mean on Qld licence?

S – This drivers licence condition requires you to wear corrective lenses when driving. V – You can only drive a vehicle with the driver aids required for you. X1 – You can only drive when carrying a special order under section 87 or 88 of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995.

What is companion card Qld?

The Companion Card is issued in the name of the person who has a disability, and is valid for 5 years. A companion is any person who accompanies a cardholder and provides attendant care support. The cardholder’s chosen companion may be a paid or unpaid assistant or carer, family member, friend or partner.

What does C mean on driving licence?

A category C license allows drivers to drive vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, but must not exceed 32 tonnes. Category C license typically covers a vehicle with a cab and trailer fixed permanently together.

Does NDIS fund ADHD?

ADHD may be covered by the NDIS if you meet the eligibility and disability requirements. In addition to general criteria such as age, you must be able to prove that you have a disability causing an impairment that: Is permanent or likely to be permanent.

What does a carers card entitle you to?

A carer’s card is simply a card that identifies us as being an unpaid carer. It is a form of ID to let supermarkets, GPs, pharmacies or attractions know that we are a carer, if proof is required.

How do I get a carers card in Queensland?

Apply for a card

  1. as a downloadable PDF—Companion Card application form (PDF, 422KB)
  2. as a downloadable Word document—Companion Card application form (DOCX, 133KB)
  3. or by request—email Card Services or call 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

What does B mean on driving Licence?

The category B licence lets you drive a motor vehicle with a maximum weight of up to 3,500kg, it can’t have more than eight passenger seats. If you want to use a trailer the most it can weigh without additional hassle is 750kg.

What does 79 mean on driving Licence?

79 – restricted to vehicles in conformity with the specifications stated in brackets on your licence.