What does it mean when someone calls you shiny?

A Shiny, Happy Person connects with other people. She’s not necessarily a massive extrovert, but she finds and creates opportunities to build relationships.

What does glossy mean slang?

having a false or deceptive appearance or air, especially of experience or sophistication; specious.

What is a shiny guy?

‘The Shiny Guys’ are characters on the very edges of Colin’s vision who only he can see, though he is convinced they are real. A science fiction fan, he experiences the unreal world of alien planet Nestor alongside the very real world of Ward 44 – and his fellow patients.

What does stay shiny mean?

The shirt includes the popular phrase “Stay Shiny”. “Shiny” was an old western phrase meaning “good” that was in common usage many years ago, and the phrase was revived on Firefly.

What is a shiny UK?

British Dictionary definitions for shiny shiny. / (ˈʃaɪnɪ) / adjective shinier or shiniest. glossy or polished; bright. (of clothes or material) worn to a smooth and glossy state, as by continual rubbing.

What is another name for shiny?


  • beaming,
  • bedazzling,
  • bright,
  • brilliant,
  • candescent,
  • clear,
  • dazzling,
  • effulgent,

What is the meaning of glossy girl?

2 : attractive in an artificially opulent, sophisticated, or smoothly captivating manner : slick lots of glossy and phony chatter. glossy. noun.

What does Glizzy mean?

But watch a few #glizzy videos and you’ll soon realize that “glizzy” just means “hot dog.” As in literal, actual hot dogs. The food item and grilling staple. So, how did the common hot dog come to be known as a “glizzy”? Apparently, the term originated in the DMV aka the DC/Maryland/Virginia area.

Whats the plural of shiny?

The plural form of shiny is shinies.

Are Shinies stronger?

Other than their color scheme, Shiny Pokemon aren’t any different from regular Pokemon. They aren’t stronger or weaker than their counterparts, so don’t expect to win a battle against a superior foe just because your Pokemon is a different shade of blue.

Is it shinny or shiny?

As nouns the difference between shiny and shinny is that shiny is (informal) anything shiny; a trinket while shinny is (canada) an informal game of pickup hockey played with minimal equipment: skates, sticks and a puck or ball or shinny can be moonshine (illegal alcohol).