What does farva say in Super Troopers?

Farva : give me my fuckin’ cola before I break VOUS FUCKIN’ LIP!

Why was farva suspended in Super Troopers?

Farva, the most abused character in Super Troopers is played by Kevin Heffernan. In the film, Farva is on suspension for attacking a bus load of children. He plays terrible pranks and thinks they’re funny.

Do you know how fast you were going Super Troopers?

Thorny : [after pulling car over] Do you know how fast you were going back there? College Boy 1 : Umm… 65? Thorny : 63.

What is the name of the captain in Super Troopers?

Captain John O’Hagen
Brian Cox as Captain John O’Hagen, the cantankerous commander of his Vermont State Trooper barracks.

Do we sell liter cola?

Do we sell litrecola? Thorny : Will you just order a large, Farva? Farva : I don’t want a large farva. I want a goddamn litre o’ cola!

What did Farva do to the school bus?

Farva joined the Vermont State Highway Patrol at some point in his life, working as an officer. During a traffic stop, when he stopped a school bus, some kids started throwing things and pouring milk on him. He lost his temper and entered the bus trying to arrest the kids.

Who say meow in Super Troopers?

Jim Gaffigan
‘Super Troopers’: How the ‘meow’ scene with Jim Gaffigan came to be. How many movie one-liners can you say right meow? “I’m sorry, are you saying ‘meow?’

What is the meow quote in Super Troopers?

Larry Johnson : I could have sworn you said meow. Foster : Do I look like a cat to you, boy? Am I jumpin’ around all nimbly bimbly from tree to tree? Foster : Am I drinking milk from a saucer?

Who plays Farva in Super Troopers?

Kevin HeffernanTrooper Rodney “Rod” Farva / Played by

Can I get a burger its for a cop?

Quotes. Farva : Give me a double bacon cheeseburger. Dimpus Burger Guy : [into mic] Double baco cheeseburger. It’s for a cop.

Is there a Beerfest 2?

Beerfest 2 Is Still Chugging Forward Confirms Broken Lizard Super Troopers 2 director Jay Chandrasekhar says Beerfest 2 has a story and that it will happen someday, but there’s so much they want to do.