What does DP-12 stand for?

The DP-12 is a bullpup 12-gauge pump action double-barreled shotgun designed by Standard Manufacturing.

How much is a DP-12 double barrel pump shotgun?

Double Barrel, 12 Gauge, Pump Shotgun, DP-12 $1,400 WeaponsEducation.

Is the DP-12 reliable?

DP-12 works reliably, provides a considerable amount of firepower and (in the words of a co-worker) looks like it means business.

Is the DP-12 a good shotgun?

The DP-12 did not disappoint. With a variety of ammo ranging from high-end shells to ammo that could choke my most reliable guns, the DP-12 did not blink. Shooting the gun is a different experience than any other weapon I have fired. The gun inspires quick pairs with speed I was not expecting.

Can you hunt with a DP-12?

Man, that DP-12 is a cool shotgun! This may not have been the usual hog hunting gun, but one cannot argue it was not effective here. That entrance wound was one of the most massive we have seen in a while.

Does the DP-12 have 2 triggers?

The DP-12 uses a unique trigger mechanism that fires both barrels one at a time. The first pull lets out a shell from the right, the second from the left.

Does the DP-12 fire both barrels?

How much does the DP-12 cost?

Headquartered in a three-acre building in New Britain, CT, Standard Mfg is an American company building the DP-12 from start to finish on home turf. MSRP is $1395.

What chokes for DP-12?

There are 2 choke tubes installed in the gun, a DP-12 choke tube/disassembly wrench, a pad lock and a locking bracket, a manual and box. 19.

Can the DP-12 fire both barrels at once?

Racking the action ejects spent casings and chambers a new shell in each chamber. The trigger mechanism allows for ultra-fast follow up shots, and the pump action is very smooth. The DP-12 uses a unique trigger mechanism that fires both barrels one at a time.