What does digging in the dirt mean?

informal. to try to discover bad things about someone to stop other people admiring them.

What does the phrase digging in mean?

to start eating
infml. to start eating, esp. eagerly: The food’s getting cold – dig in!

What does the expression in the dirt mean?

Definition of in the dirt : having hit the ground near home plate before reaching the catcher He swung and missed at a curveball in the dirt.

Where does the phrase dig in come from?

It comes from Irish immigrants particularly in New York City. In the Irish language the phrase ‘An dtuigeann tú’ translates to ‘do you unserstand’. Dtuigeann being pronounced like ‘diggin’ in Irish. Somehow through the years it made it’s was into the urban black vernacular made popular my New York based jazz musicians.

Where did the phrase dig in come from?

It’s often said that the word comes from the idea of a person who “digs in”, who makes a bolthole or burrow in which to live.

What does down in the dirt mean?

adj derelict, destitute, dirt-poor (informal) flat broke (informal) impoverished, on one’s uppers (informal) penniless, ruined, short, without two pennies to rub together (informal) 2 down-and-out.

What does it mean to leave someone in the dirt?

Leave one far behind, as in a race or competition. For example, This marketing strategy will leave the others in the dust. This metaphoric colloquialism alludes to the dust raised by a fast-moving horse or vehicle.

What does the slang term digs mean?

“Digs” is slang for home or accomodation and it can also be used meaning “clothes”.

What does staying in digs mean?

A In British usage, to be in digs is to live in a room in a house with shared facilities, frequently with meals supplied by the landlady. It’s typically a lodging for students or young unmarried men and women. It’s short for diggings, which is the older word for the same idea.