What does counterpoint mean?

In music, counterpoint is the relationship between two or more musical lines (or voices) which are harmonically interdependent yet independent in rhythm and melodic contour.

What is another word for statistically?

What is another word for statistically?scientificallyreliablystrictlyrigorouslyscrupulouslymethodicallycloselyunerringlytruelyauthentically57

What is another word for data analysis?

What is another word for data analysis?analysis of datadata analyticsdata interpretationinformation analysis

What do you call a person who analyzes data?

A statistician is a person who works with theoretical or applied statistics.

What are the methods for data analysis?

There are two main methods of Data Analysis:Qualitative Analysis. This approach mainly answers questions such as ‘why,’ ‘what’ or ‘how. Quantitative Analysis. Generally, this analysis is measured in terms of numbers. Text analysis. Statistical analysis. Diagnostic analysis. Predictive analysis. Prescriptive Analysis.