What does behind the neck press do?

A behind-the-neck press is an exercise that targets your shoulders. It’s a variation of the shoulder press, also known as an overhead press. It’s also one of the most controversial exercises in the fitness industry because it can potentially place too much stress on your neck and shoulders.

Does Behind neck press work lateral delts?

The Behind the Neck Press works the following muscles: Front deltoids. Outer deltoids. Rear deltoids.

What can I use instead of behind the neck press?

Military Press Alternatives

  • Standing front overhead press. Simply press the barbell over your head.
  • Seated tracked barbell. Use a bench or fitness ball for your seat, and press upward.
  • Seated dumbbell overhead press. Have a seat and start lifting.
  • Standing dumbbell overhead press.
  • Cable machine and tension band.

Should you shoulder press behind your head?

For participants with normal trunk stability and ideal shoulder ROM, overhead pressing is a safe exercise (for the shoulder and spine) when performed either in-front of or behind the head.

Why do I jerk behind my neck?

The behind the neck jerk allows for greater loading and increased leg drive development in most lifters. Wrist injuries happen in weightlifting. Instead of dropping training volume due to sore/injured wrists, this variation allows for continued training in the overhead position due to the back racking of the barbell.

Is behind the neck press harder?

That explains why you are “stronger” with behind-the-neck presses than with militaries: With all of those back muscles stacked on top of each other and pushing upward together, enormous leverage is employed through a more stabilized power plane.

Does shoulder press hit lateral delt?

The shoulder press works two of the three parts of your deltoid muscles — the anterior deltoid and the lateral deltoid.

Why is there a guillotine press?

Muscles Worked by the Guillotine Press The guillotine press trains the upper pecs primarily, however, it will also provide some stimulus to your front delts. This movement should always be performed with slow lowering phases and no momentum.

Is behind the neck press better?

A press behind the neck brings your deltoids inward, but a press with a bar in front keeps your shoulders wide and requires the muscle groups of both deltoids to contract in a compound manner, along with your upper back, traps and upper pecs.

Is military press back or shoulders?

“Military presses hit your front, lateral and rear delt muscles, whereas many other shoulder exercises focus on one part of the shoulder.”