What does AGW mean in shipping?

AGW – all going well.

What is Fiost in shipping?

And elaboration of the FIO chartering terms whereby the vessel owner is not responsible for the costs of loading, unloading, stowage, trimming. This is the opposite of gross terms.

What does WP mean in shipping?


Acronym Definition
AGW WP All Going Well Weather Permitting (shipping)

What’s WG mean?

The German word “Wohngemeinschaft” (WG) refers to a living arrangement in which several tenants share an apartment. Every tenant has their own room. Common areas such as the bathroom, kitchen and living room (if existing) are shared. Sometimes there are WG options in the dormitories.

What Oog means?

OOG. Out of Game (gaming)

What is LT in shipping?

Freight rates that include loading/unloading charges according to the custom of the respective ports, which unfortunately varies. Liner terms is, thus, not yet a standard designation, and may not include cargo handling charges or the costs of moving cargo between the ship´s hold and the quay.

What is AGW in Marine?

AGW: All going well.

What is FIFO term in shipping?

Quite simply, FIFO means first-in, first-out in the logistics and warehousing industries. Essentially, the first items ordered/warehoused are those which are sold first. This is applicable in most cases regardless of the inventory shelf life, and is commonly found in warehouses with a variety of SKUs.

What is a WG Zimmer?

neuter noun. room in a shared flat etc.

How many people live in a WG?

While most living arrangements involve 2-4 people living together, it is also not extremely uncommon to find the occasional 10-12 person WG. A direct benefit of this setting is that you get to live in close quarters with a small group of people that actually allows you to get to know them better.