What does a cherry blossom tree tattoo mean?

A reminder of transience, cherry blossom tattoos are a wonderful floral symbol that imbues love, beauty and the passing of time.

How much is a cherry blossom tattoo?

A cherry blossom tattoo would cost anywhere from $70, upwards of $150.

What does a cherry tattoo symbolize?

A cherry tattoo symbolizes purity, innocence, and fertility. The color of cherry can also have a special meaning in a tattoo. A cherry tattoo often looks best in red ink because the fruit itself is so red.

What does a dragon and cherry blossom mean?

Dragon & Cherry Blossom Tattoo Meaning The meaning of this tattoo design is that you must have strength going through life because life is short. The cherry blossom tattoo symbolizes how ‘green’ life always is and how we should cherish the moments we have.

What does 2 cherry tattoos mean?

Cherry Tattoo Symbolism Although the cherry most commonly is associated to sexuality and virginity, there are more meanings that don’t represent the sexual nature, like. . . Innocence, Chastity, Virtue, Virginity, Purity. Love or Sexuality (Cherries have been a longtime symbol of a successful relationship.

What does a double cherry mean?

A double cherry is a cherry that consists of two fused cherries. This occurs when there are two full cherries that are connected. Another common occurrence is when one full cherry is connected to a small, raisin-like fruit. This second example is referred to as “spurring”. In both cases, the fruit is still good to eat.

What symbolizes cherry blossom?

Cherry blossoms are a symbolic flower of the spring, a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life. Their life is very short. After their beauty peaks around two weeks, the blossoms start to fall. During this season in Japan, people like to have cherry blossom parties with colleagues, friends, and family.