What does a 68s do in the Army?

Preventive medicine specialists are primarily responsible for conducting or assisting with preventive medicine inspections, surveys and preventive medicine laboratory procedures. They also supervise preventive medicine facilities or serve on preventive medicine staffs.

What can you do with preventive medicine?

Preventive medicine physicians may work in such fields as behavioral and mental health, environmental health, epidemiology, health systems management, infectious disease, or lifestyle medicine. Because it includes expertise in population health, preventive medicine bridges clinical practice and public health.

What are some activities a preventive medicine specialist might do in their line of work?

A preventive medicine specialist focuses on the health of individuals and defined populations in order to protect, promote, and maintain health and well-being, and to prevent disease, disability, and premature death.

What is preventive medicine specialist in the Army?

The preventive medicine specialist conducts or assists with preventive medicine inspections, surveys, control operations, and preventive medicine laboratory procedures, supervises preventive medicine facilities, or serves on preventive medicine staff. For more information on MOS 68S , see this Army website.

What are the aims of preventive medicine?

The objectives of preventive medicine are to prolong life and to reduce disability. Improvements in the standard of living and in medical treatment and specific measures to reduce the incidence of disease have greatly reduced mortality over the last century.

What is the importance of preventative medicine?

The ideology behind preventive medicine focuses on protecting, promoting, and maintaining health and well-being. It also aims to avert disease, disability, and death on an individual basis, as well as on a large scale in communities and populations.

What is an example of preventive medicine?

Simple examples of preventive medicine include hand washing, breastfeeding, and immunizations. Preventive care may include examinations and screening tests tailored to an individual’s age, health, and family history.

What is the difference between preventative and preventive?

There is no difference between preventive and preventative. They are both adjectives that mean “used to stop something bad from happening.” Both words are commonly used in contexts concerning health care, as in “preventive/preventative medicine.” Preventive, however, is used much more frequently than preventative.

What is 68V?

The respiratory specialist assists with the management of a respiratory unit or administers respiratory therapy and performs pulmonary function tests under the supervision of a physician or nurse anesthetist. For more information on MOS 68V , see this Army website.

Where is 68V AIT?

Fort Sam Houston
Training Information Job training for a respiratory specialist requires ten weeks of Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training in Fort Sam Houston.

How long is AIT for 68Y?

Eye Specialist (MOS 68Y) Summary: Future Eye Specialists in the U.S. Army attend 13 weeks of advanced individual training at Fort Sam Houston.