What do they do in PBB?

Every weekend, the nominated housemates face the public voting for eviction. Throughout the week, the viewers vote via SMS for who they want to save and by the end of the week, the nominee with the lowest save votes would be evicted out of the house.

Who is the owner of Pinoy Big Brother?

Laurenti Dyogi, more known in the industry as Direk Lauren, is ABS-CBN’s Head of TV Production and the Executive Producer of Pinoy Big Brother.

How old was Ylona Garcia when she joined PBB?

age 13
Ylona Jade Garcia was the runner-up in the Teen Edition of Pinoy Big Brother: 737. At age 13, Ylona easily managed to become a fan favorite throughout the season. Throughout the teen part season, Ylona was infamous for her bright and confident personality.

Is Ylona Garcia big winner?

Ylona Garcia was declared as the 2nd Teen Big Placer, and Jimboy Martin was declared the Teen Big Winner of this edition by a close number of votes.

What is immunity pass in PBB?

Nomination Immunity Pass – A power given to winners of tasks or challenges held on or before their Kumunity’s stay in the house, this will give its holder the option to give themselves immunity for a round of their choosing.

Who is behind the voice of Kuya in PBB?

In 2011, Director Laurenti Dyogi had to prove he was not ‘Kuya’ in an interview with Boy Abunda on Bandila. It finally put an end to talks that Dyogi owns the well-known voice. In that interview, Kuya described himself as 40-year old medium-built guy with fair complexion.

Do PBB housemates get paid?

The current housemates have to help the new housemates acclimatize to their new and strange environment. The new housemate will not receive the full prize money. His/Her cash prize will be computed based on the length of stay in the Big Brother house.

Is Ylona half Filipino?

Ylona Jade Garcia was born on February 28, 2002, in Sydney, Australia to Filipino parents, Peter Garcia and Caridad Navalle-Garcia; both of whom are medical practitioners based in Australia. She is the third among five siblings.

Who is Kyle secades?

Edward Kyle Secades was a teen housemate in the Teen Edition of Pinoy Big Brother: 737. Kyle was one of the last four teen housemates to enter the house on Day 2. He was nicknamed as the “Mr. Nice Guy of San Juan” for his kind and friendly personality.

Is Big Brother scripted Reddit?

The repeats definitely come off as scripted, but it’s just them repeating their answers for TV. The clip show is always scripted.