What do the Irish say at Christmas?

Merry Christmas in Gaelic Irish is Nollaig Shona, pronounced: null-ig hunna. However, you will more often hear Nollaig shona duit/daoibh, pronounced: null-ig hunna ditch/d-eve, meaning Merry Christmas to you/you (plural).

What is the Irish Christmas Blessing?

May the Blessings of Christmas Be With You. “May the Blessings of Christmas be with you, May the Christ Child light your way, May God’s holy angels guide you, And keep you safe each day.”

What is a holiday greeting in Ireland?

Just as in English, the two expressions are often combined to say “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” as follows: “Nollaig Shona agus Athbhliain faoi Mhaise Duit.” (NO-lihg HO-nuh AH-guhs AH-vlee-ihn fwee WAH-shuh wich). Le gach dea-ghui i gcomhair na nollag agus na h-ath bhliana!

What are some Christmas phrases?

Christmas Words and Phrases

Jingle All The WayMaking Spirits Bright Dashing Through the SnowRepeat the Sounding Joy
Silent Night… Yeah Right! Sleigh Bells Ring
Merry and Bright A Thrill of Hope
Peace on Earth Jingle Bells
Let It, Snow Ho Ho Ho

Do they say Merry Christmas in Ireland?

🗣️ How To Say Merry Christmas In Irish Christmas is ‘Nollaig’ in Irish.

Do they say Happy Christmas in Ireland?

The greeting for “Happy Christmas” in Irish is Nollaig Shona Duit [singular] (IPA: [ˌn̪ˠɔl̪ˠəɟ ˈhɔnˠə d̪ˠɪtʲ]) or Nollaig Shona Daoibh [plural] (IPA: [ˌn̪ˠɔl̪ˠəɟ ˈhɔnˠə d̪ˠiːvʲ]). The literal translation of this is “Happy Christmas to you”.

What do you write in an Irish Christmas card?

Irish Christmas Sayings: Share your Christmas Spirit the Unmistakably Irish Way!

  1. The light of the Christmas star to you.
  2. The warmth of home and hearth to you.
  3. The cheer and good will of friends to you.
  4. The hope of a childlike heart to you.
  5. The joy of a thousand angels to you.
  6. Love and God’s peace to you.

How do you respond to Happy Christmas in Irish?

How to respond if someone says Merry Christmas to you in Irish. Nollaig Shona Dhuit! Like in English, you can simply say ‘Merry Christmas to you’ back. Go raibh maith agat (Pron.