What do I do with my pond fish in the winter?

As long as your pond does not freeze to the bottom and an air hole is provided on the pond’s surface, your fish will survive the winter. If your pond is at least two-feet deep, the proximity of the earth to the pond’s surface will keep the pond from freezing any deeper than eight inches.

How do you keep fish alive in the winter?

If you live in an area where it gets chilly enough for the pond to freeze over, you need to make sure the pond water stays oxygenated for your finned friends. Some pond owners opt to keep their waterfalls running throughout the winter, which will help aerate the water and ensure a successful hibernation for your fish.

Will goldfish survive in a pond over winter?

Goldfish and koi are very hardy fishes; they can survive water temperatures as low as 0°C, which means they can survive in the pond during the winter as long as it doesn’t freeze solid and they have adequate water quality and oxygen.

Should I cover my fish pond in winter?

It is recommended that you cover your Koi pond in the winter to keep the water warm and keep leaves/debris off the pond.

Do you turn off pond pump in winter?

Should I Leave My Pond Pump Running In Winter? Many guides will recommend that you completely shut down your pond pump over the winter to prevent the water from becoming super chilled; however, this isn’t necessary for our climate.

Do I feed my pond fish in winter?

In wintertime you should stop feeding fish daily if water temperature is below 10°C is. Start feeding fish daily again at a water temperature of 10 °C or higher. At lower temperatures metabolism of (cold-blooded) fish is so slow, that they hardly need any feed.

Should I leave my pond pump on in the winter?

Should I cover my pond in winter?

Cover your Pond: You will want to keep your pond as clean as possible over these cold Fall and Winter months. Many ask; “Should I cover my pond in winter?” Our answer, YES.

Should I turn off pond pump in winter?

The freezing point for water is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have no aquatic life in your pond, it is safer to have the pump off when temperatures fall below freezing so you can avoid damage to the pump. You may even want to empty your pond of water as this can prevent damage from ice buildup.

Should you remove pond pumps in winter?

Should I drain my pond in winter?

The short answer is no. There’s no reason to drain the water, and more than likely it will fill up with rain and snow during the winter anyway. What is this? So, as long as you take the proper steps below for winterizing your pond, there’s no reason to drain the water in the fall.