What do biker gangs do for initiation?

The current gang members often invite newcomers – called hang-arounds – to their club houses and parties. At these parties the newcomer is expected to serve drinks and carry out other menial tasks to show their loyalty. Overtime, as trust is built, the hang-around is made a prospect.

What is the initiation process for Hells Angels?

New members of the Hells Angels are, reportedly, required to engage in an incredibly unhygienic baptism. Existing club members put fecal matter and urine into a bucket, and said bucket is poured on the new Angel’s head. The newly soiled soldier cannot wash or change clothes for the duration of the evening.

What does 81 mean to Hells Angels?

All members of HAMC World ride motorcycles. 81 is a metonym. It stands for the 8th letter of the alphabet which is an H, and the 1st letter of the alphabet which is an A, HA = Hells Angels. Red & White is another metonym; Red & White are the colors of the club.

What are the rules to be a Hells Angel?

The Rules of The Hell’s Angels

  • You Have To Be Voted Into The Group.
  • Their Vests Are Treated As Sacred.
  • They Have A Dress Code.
  • There’s An Order That They Ride In.
  • They All Pull Over Together.
  • They Can’t Work For A Prison.
  • You Can’t Share Information About Fellow Members.
  • Once A Hells Angel, Always A Hells Angel.

What does Nomad mean for bikers?

A nomad is a member of a motorcycle club (which may or may not be an outlaw motorcycle club) or similar club who is not a member of a specific charter of the group. Some nomads live in geographical areas that have fewer than the required numbers to form a charter.

What is a tail gunner in a motorcycle club?

The tail gunner is a counterpart of the road captain, albeit lower on the motorcycle club hierarchy, aiding the captain during runs and rides while at the rear of the formation.

What does PBOL stand for?

Over the years, people in the one-percenter world would tell me their stories of how they had ended up being a Bandit or a PBOL (Proud Bandido Old Lady), and I would see some distinct patterns in the lives of people drawn to the outlaw biker lifestyle.