What diseases have been eradicated CDC?

To date, smallpox remains the only human disease that has been eradicated. CDC works with partners to eradicate polio worldwide through sound science and effective programming.

What 3 diseases have been eradicated?

Two infectious diseases have successfully been eradicated: smallpox in humans and rinderpest in ruminants. There are four ongoing programs, targeting the human diseases poliomyelitis (polio), yaws, dracunculiasis (Guinea worm), and malaria.

What diseases have been eradicated from the US?

4 diseases that have been eliminated in the United States in the last 100 years

  • Polio, measles, and rubella, have all been eliminated in the United States.
  • Smallpox has also been eradicated worldwide.
  • Vaccines have been instrumental in the elimination of these illnesses.

Which disease is completely eradicated from world?

The last known natural case was in Somalia in 1977. In 1980 WHO declared smallpox eradicated – the only infectious disease to achieve this distinction.

What viruses have been eradicated by vaccines?

So far, the WHO has only two (2) eradicated diseases on their list. All thanks to the success of vaccines, smallpox caused by the variola virus (VARV) and rinderpest from the rinderpest virus (RPV) are now entirely wiped out of existence.

What 2 viruses have been eradicated?

That power has so far eradicated two infectious diseases: smallpox and rinderpest. We are also getting closer to eradicating polio and Guinea worm disease.

What is the next disease to be eradicated?

only 54 cases were reported in 2019! Another lesser-known disease on the path to eradication is Yaws, which the WHO has been working to eradicate since the 1950s. The bacterium which causes Yaws is closely related to the agent of syphilis and can be easily treated with a small dose of antibiotics.

What diseases have been eradicated by vaccine?