What did the original Tiny Tears doll look like?

The very first, 1965, Tiny Tears doll was 16″ high with fine pale blonde hair and blue sleeping eyes. The back of her neck was marked ‘Made in England 16D’. She had delicate features, a small, pursed mouth, wore a turquoise or pink gingham romper and came with a bib, bottle and a dummy.

Are Tiny Tears dolls still made?

Tiny Tears was a doll manufactured by the American Character Doll Company. She was introduced in 1950 and remained in production through 1968, when ACDC went out of business.

What size doll is tiny tears?

The Classic Tiny Tears doll is wearing a delightful party dress and has new longer hair for you to style! With pull up knickers, a hairbrush, pacifier and bottle included, little girls will love all the role-play fun they will have with Tiny Tears. 36cm in height.

What year did Tiny Tears doll come out?

When the American Character Doll Company introduced their Tiny Tears doll in 1950, she was something of a revolution for young girls who wanted to know about the experience of being a “real mommy.” Tiny Tears could “drink” water from her bottle, wet her diaper, cry real tears and blow bubbles from a bubble pipe (just …

What is a Revlon doll worth?

There was a time when Miss Revlon dolls in pristine condition retailed in the $250 to $700 range, with the 20- and 23-inch sizes being the most valuable, but we feel that prices on these dolls have softened a bit in recent years.

How do you make little tears doll wee?

Feed Tiny Tears water from her very own water bottle, sit her up and she will cry real tears! You can even sit her on her potty like a big girl, then put on her pull-up knickers.

Do Tiny Tears dolls cry?

when she’s finished you may hear her burp when you take the bottle away! Press the button on her back and Tiny Tears will cry real tears and make crying sounds. Sit her on her potty and she will wet all on her own.