What did James Harden buy Lil Baby?

Prada bag
Filmed in Las Vegas last week, during the birthday celebrations and shenanigans, it was revealed James Harden really values his friendship with Lil Baby – who he gifted a Prada bag, $100,000 in cash, and a $200,000 Richard Mille watch. A total expense of around $300,000!

What did James Harden get for his birthday?

Russell Westbrook Gifted James Harden An Insane Richard Mille Watch For His Birthday.

Why did James Harden give Lil Baby 100k?

The Houston Rockets All-Star gifted Lil Baby $100,000 in cash, a Richard Mille watch and a Prada bag filled with honey buns. In an Instagram video shared amidst the festivities, the Atlanta native said Harden gave him the presents because he’s proud of him. “Don’t Play With Him,” Lil Baby wrote.

Who is James Harden to Lil Baby?

Lil Baby and James Harden have a friendship that goes way back. The duo has even performed a song named ‘Too Many Ways’ together. Lil Baby is one of the most popular hip-hop artists in the world right now.

Who did James Harden give $100000 to?

“James Harden Cashapped Saweetie $100k for a date”: Nets star shoots down rumors that he paid a hunny bun through his latest Instagram story.

Who sold lil baby that watch?

#LilBaby took to social media recently to blast New York-based jeweler #RafaelloAndCo for selling him a fake $400,000 #PatekPhilippe watch. Now, the jeweler has responded with a lengthy apology posted to Instagram.

How much cash is a honey bun?

Inside, a bunch of honey bun pastries — surrounded by a “honey bun,” which is slang for $100,000 IN CASH!!!! (Get it, honey bun — like a bundle of hundreds?) There’s more …

Who did James Harden give$ 100000 to?

Who does James Harden hang out with?

James Harden Admits to Hanging Out With Meek Mill, Lil Baby, and Lil Durk All Night Before Morning Practice. Find him on Twitter. James Harden’s love for music trumped his need for a good night’s sleep.