What did Dabo Swinney say after the game?

Coach Dabo Swinney spoke on his players’ resiliency against a previous ACC unbeaten after the game. “Super proud of our team, unbelievable hard-fought game,” Swinney said. “Amazing crowd. I thought our crowd was the difference in the game tonight.

Why did Dabo Rank 11?

“There is no question Ohio State is good enough to beat us, any of us, to be a national champion. I didn’t rank anybody that didn’t play nine games or more in the top 10. That’s why they were 11. I have all the respect in the world for Ohio State,” he said, via CBS Sports.

How much does Dabo Swinney make a year at Clemson?

Swinney’s total pay is listed as $8,370,775, behind Stanford’s David Shaw ($8,924,683), LSU’s Ed Orgeron ($9,012,917) and Alabama’s Nick Saban ($9,753,221). A $100,000 bonus was allocated among Clemson’s staff in 2019-20 season, which was connected to the team’s academic achievement.

What dabo said after loss to nc state?

Here’s a first look at what coach Dabo Swinney said about Saturday’s 27-21 double overtime loss to North Carolina State: On the loss: “We’ve got a hurt bunch and a really, really hurting, hurting locker room and hurting coaches and staff who put a lot into this.

What Dabo Swinney said about Ohio State?

During his weekly press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney revealed that he opted out of voting in the Coaches Poll due to the backlash he received from ranking Ohio State as the 11th-best team in the country ahead of last year’s College Football Playoff matchup.

What did Dabo Swinney say about Ohio State?

Dabo Swinney’s now-infamous ranking of Ohio State on his final Coaches Poll ballot was a major story even before the Buckeyes blew out Clemson in the Sugar Bowl. Swinney put OSU at No. 11, arguing that because they had only played six games, they didn’t merit a top 10 ranking.

Why did Clemson lose to NCSU?

The Tigers fell to 2-2 on the 2021 season with a 27-21 double-overtime loss at NC State on Saturday because of an aneimic offense and an undisciplined, injury-riddled defense. This latest defeat has opened Clemson up to criticism that Swinney knows cannot be avoided.