What did Brad Pitt think of Interview with a Vampire?

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2011, Brad Pitt reflected on his time on the set of “Interview with the Vampire,” and he didn’t have an overall kind opinion of his experience. When EW remarked the actor looked unhappy in the movie, he confirmed there was a lot of truth to it. “I am miserable.

Did Brad Pitt enjoy making interview with a vampire?

Pitt says that making Interview with a Vampire eventually “broke” him. He thought that “Life’s too short for this quality of life.” So, the actor called his good friend David Geffen — one of the film’s producers — to see what it would take to back out of the project.

What was Brad Pitt’s dark gift interview vampire?

From the IMDb FAQ: When someone is given the Dark Gift, it means they have been transformed from human to vampire. The Dark Gift IS vampirism. In the Ricean universe, all vampires are granted the same abilities: telekinesis, pyrokinesis, telepathy, and mesmerism, along with enhanced senses, strength, and immortality.

How old was Brad Pitt when filming Interview With a Vampire?

Dunst was just 11 years old at the time the 1994 gothic horror came out, while Pitt was 30. Based on Anne Rice’s 1976 novel of the same name, Interview With The Vampire sees vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac (Pitt) recount the story of his life and afterlife to reporter Daniel Molloy (Christian Slater).

Did Brad Pitt kiss Kirsten Dunst in Interview with a Vampire?

Kirsten Dunst has reflected on kissing Brad Pitt as a young girl while filming Interview With the Vampire. The actor gained recognition in the 1994 Neil Jordan film, in which she played child vampire Claudia. As part of her role, which she filmed when she was 11, Dunst had to kiss Pitt, who was 30 at the time.

Did Brad Pitt wear a wig Interview With a Vampire?

For one thing, Lestat’s hairstyle and color had to be very consistent. It took 2 weeks to shoot the scene where Lestat kills the 2 women in front of Louis. Having a pre-styled wig is much faster to get on the actor than having to style their hair freshly every single time.

What is the point of Interview with a Vampire?

Interview with the Vampire is the story of Louis (Brad Pitt), a New Orleans plantation owner who gives up on life after his wife and daughter die. One reckless night, he meets Lestat (Tom Cruise) who gives him the gift and curse of immortality.

How old was Tom Cruise in vampire?

Interview with the Vampire, with a budget of $60m (£47m), was one of the biggest productions the then 30-year-old heartthrob had ever taken on.

Why couldnt Claudia become a vampire?

She desperately wants to physically mature into a full grown woman but will never have that chance, and that she never asked to become a vampire in the first place, therefore she hates her two fathers more than she ever thought possible.

Are Louis and Lestat in love?

Anne Rice confirms that the vampires Louis and Lestat are a same-sex couple with a child.