What cooler is Asetek?

AMD Ryzen™ 5000 3000XT 3000 Series Cooling.

  • 645LT Small Form Factor CPU Cooler.
  • Gen6 Mainstream CPU Coolers.
  • 690LX-PN Liquid Cooler.
  • Retention Rings.
  • Does Corsair use Asetek coolers?

    All of the CORSAIR Hydro Series PRO family of liquid coolers are powered by Asetek’s new Generation 6 technology. Generation 6 coolers are designed for lower noise while providing even better cooling performance than the previous industry-leading Asetek Generation 5 coolers.

    Does Cooler Master use Asetek?

    A dish best served cold. Cooler Master has ponied up $600,000 to Asetek, a company that specializes in CPU and GPU liquid solutions for a variety of markets, after losing a dispute in court over patent infringement.

    Who Uses Asetek pumps?

    It brought advances in the liquid flow and thermal performance compared to gen 3. The exposed section of the motor was removed from the top of the pump. It was the most-used platform in the company’s history, being used by Corsair, NZXT, Thermaltake, Dell, HP, Intel and other companies.

    How can I cool my laptop down?

    How to cool down your computer

    1. Don’t block your computer’s vents.
    2. Use a laptop cooling pad.
    3. Avoid using programs that push your computer’s CPU limits.
    4. Clean your computer’s fans and vents.
    5. Change your computer’s settings to improve its performance.
    6. Shut down the computer.

    Does Corsair use Asetek pumps?

    As a reminder, Corsair has multiple models of “H115” coolers. The H115i, the original, is an older Asetek design. The newer H115i Pro uses the Asetek Gen6 pump. The H115i Platinum uses CoolIT’s solution.

    Are Corsair AIOS good?

    One of the best manufacturers of liquid cooling systems is CORSAIR and out of all its liquid coolers, the Hydro Series H100i Pro RGB is the best due to its excellent capabilities, balanced size, and fair price.

    What companies use Asetek?

    Companies like HPE, Intel, Fujitsu, QCT, Supermicro, Gigabyte, and many more install Asetek-based liquid cooling solutions in their servers that are enabling energy-efficient cooling across the globe – including some of the world’s fastest supercomputers.

    Who Uses Asetek?