What colleges support the military?

Students can also receive credit for their prior military training.

  • Arizona State University for Active Duty Military Members.
  • Eastern Kentucky University for Active Duty Military Members.
  • Florida State University for Active Duty Military Members.
  • University of Southern Mississippi for Active Duty Military Members.

Is Georgia State a Yellow Ribbon School?

Approved for Tuition Assistance. Georgia State University is a Yellow Ribbon school.

Does Chamberlain take the GI Bill?

Many Chamberlain locations participate in the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program, which is available for eligible students utilizing Chapter 33 benefits. GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

What course is best for military?

Find out which degree is right for you

  1. Strategic Intelligence.
  2. Criminal Justice.
  3. Management Information Systems (MIS)
  4. Political Science.
  5. Healthcare – Nursing, Biology, Radiology.
  6. Philosophy.
  7. Psychology.
  8. Theology (military chaplains)

Is Georgia a good state for nurses?

Georgia came in at No. 31 on the list—eighth for opportunity/competition and 47th for work environment. Analysts also noted the state, home to one of America’s 10 best nursing schools, has one of the lowest projections for percentage of nurses 65 and older by 2030.

How long is the RN program in GA?

Offered through many community colleges in Georgia, the ADN is usually two years in length, or four semesters, and students graduate eligible to sit the NCLEX-RN licensure exam. Georgia has more than 20 colleges that offer nursing programs at the Associate’s degree level.

Is Berry College a Yellow Ribbon School?

Currently Berry College does participate in the Yellow Ribbon program.

What is Dept of Defense Tuition Assistance TA at Georgia State University?

The Military Tuition Assistance (TA) program is available to active-duty, National Guard and Reserve Component servicemembers. TA can ease your financial concerns considerably, covering up to 100 percent of tuition expenses for semester hours costing $250 or less.

Will the military pay for nursing school?

In short, yes, the Army will pay for nursing school, and so will several other branches of the military. It may not be in the way you expect, and it often involves a commitment to service.

How do you become a nurse while in the military?

GI Bill. Many military veterans take advantage of the GI Bill to help them pay for a college education. This is a great way to get your nursing degree after your military service. The GI Bill pays for all or part of a college education for veterans.