What college did Bobby Jackson go to?

Western Nebraska Community College
University of Minnesota
Bobby Jackson/College

Is Hue Jackson still coaching in the NFL?

Jackson, who is now coaching at Grambling, made several posts on Twitter inferring that he received bonus payments from Browns owner Jimmy Haslam during his two-plus seasons with the team.

What position did Bobby Jackson play?

Point guard
Bobby Jackson (born March 13, 1973) is an American professional basketball coach and former player….Bobby Jackson.

Stockton Kings
NBA draft 1997 / Round: 1 / Pick: 23rd overall
Selected by the Seattle SuperSonics
Playing career 1997–2009
Position Point guard

How much does Bobby Jackson make?


Contract: 2 yr(s) / $11,800,000
Average Salary: $5,900,000
Signed Using:
Free Agent: 2009 / UFA

How tall is Bobby Jackson?

6′ 1″Bobby Jackson / Height

Is Hue Jackson working?

Former Browns’ head coach has landed a new job, this time in the college game. It took some time, but former Cleveland Browns’ head coach Hue Jackson is back in the head coaching ranks. This time it is not in the pros, however college football. Jackson has accepted a job as the head coach at Grambling State.

Who is Hue Jackson’s wife?

Michelle JacksonHue Jackson / Wife

How old is Bobby Jackson?

49 years (March 13, 1973)Bobby Jackson / Age

Did Hue Jackson get paid to lose games?

Finds No Proof That Browns Paid Hue Jackson to Lose Games. Lawyers hired by the league found no evidence that the team offered former head coach Hue Jackson incentives to lose games as he had publicly claimed.

Who is Herm Edwards wife?

Lia EdwardsHerm Edwards / Wife (m. 2000)
He and his wife Lia have two daughters, Gabrielle and Vivian. Edwards has a son, Marcus, from a previous relationship. Edwards has a “tradition” of not watching the Super Bowl until he himself participates in one.

Who is Marvin Lewis wife?

Peggy LewisMarvin Lewis / Wife

Who is Browns coach?

Kevin StefanskiCleveland Browns / Head coach