What cases do magistrates deal with?

Magistrates deal with three kinds of cases:

  • Summary offences. These are less serious cases, such as motoring offences and minor assaults, where the defendant is not entitled to trial by jury.
  • Either-way offences.
  • Indictable-only offences.

How do you address a magistrate in Qld?

As and from 17 November 2004, Magistrates are to be addressed as “Your Honour” and not as “Your Worship.” This Practice Direction applies to all Courts in Queensland in which magistrates preside.

What happens in a Magistrates Court?

If the case is to be dealt within a magistrates’ court, the defendant(s) are asked to enter a plea. If they plead guilty or are later found to be guilty, the magistrates can impose a sentence, generally of up to six months’ imprisonment for a single offence (12 months in total), or a fine of an unlimited amount.

What is the maximum sentence at Magistrates Court?

Sentences a magistrates’ court can give up to 6 months in prison (or up to 12 months in total for more than one offence) a fine. a community sentence, like doing unpaid work in the community. a ban, for example from driving or keeping an animal.

Do all cases go to Magistrates Court first?

All cases start at the magistrates’ court, but at their first appearance defendants facing an indictable-only offence will be sent directly to the Crown Court.

What cases go to Crown Court?

A Crown Court deals with serious criminal cases, for example:

  • murder.
  • rape.
  • robbery.

How should I dress for magistrates court?

There is no formal dress code for defendants attending Court, and you should wear appropriate and comfortable clothing.

What clothes do you wear to court?

Conservative dress – something you would wear to church, work or a nice social function. (If you wear a uniform to work, it is usually OK to wear it to court unless you wear shorts to work.) Wear clothes that fit. If you have gained or lost a lot of weight, please buy something new for your courtroom appearance.

Are the public allowed in a magistrates court?

When you speak to a District Judge or magistrate you should stand up and call them ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’. The press and public are usually allowed in the courtroom. Do not speak to family and friends when you are in the courtroom. Turn your phone off or put it on silent mode.