What bars are in Federal Hill?

Federal Hill Bars and Taverns

  • No Way Jose Cafe. 38 E Cross St, Baltimore, MD.
  • Metropolitan Coffeehouse & Wine Bar. 902 S Charles St (at Henrietta St.),
  • Blue Agave.
  • Mother’s Federal Hill Grille.
  • The Rowhouse Grille.
  • Regi’s American Bistro.
  • Abbey Burger Bistro.
  • Mad River Bar & Grille.

Is it safe to walk from Inner Harbor to Fells Point?

You should absolutely walk to Fells Point. There are a lot of older historic buildings just before you get there and in the surrounding areas. Check out the old hardware/brass store in that area, Brassworks Company. Great stuff in there.

Is Fells Point safe to visit?

(Thankfully, popular tourist spots like Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and Fells Point remain relatively safe.)

Is Federal Hill Baltimore safe at night?

Federal Hill The streets are lined with 19th century brick houses, and the overall crime rate is 4% lower than the national average, making this neighborhood 96% safer than other areas of Baltimore.

Is Brewers Hill Baltimore safe?

Brewers Hill is in Baltimore City County and is one of the best places to live in Maryland.

Is Inner Harbor safe at night?

Baltimore is safe during daylight and around the areas near the harbor. Fells Point and the inner harbor are perfect for long walks and exploring, and if you’re pining for a great hike with a view, go to the Federal Hill. These places are perfectly safe, but you should avoid certain dangerous areas.

Where should I not stay in Baltimore?

Avoid venturing into this neighbourhood. Other high risk and high crime neighbourhoods to avoid in Baltimore include Edmondson Village, Fairfield, Orangeville, Greenmount East, Hopkins-Middle Grove Park, Cherry Hill, Madison-Eastend, and Pulaski.

Is Federal Hill a nice area?

Federal Hill This small but sweet neighborhood just 6 minutes south of Downtown Baltimore is a local fan favorite for its excellent Inner Harbor views, great shopping, eclectic restaurants, cobblestone sidewalks, and beautiful historic buildings.