What band was formed by American servicemen stationed in Germany?

A rare photo of East of Underground in performance. The band formed while its members were stationed in Germany during the Vietnam War.

Does the US Army have a band?

U.S. Army Bands are comprised of four branches: 20 active-duty Regional Bands, 13 Army Reserve Bands, 51 Army National Guard Bands, and four Premier Bands, each with its own unique mission and qualifications.

What are the five military bands in the United States?

3.2.1 Air Force.

  • 3.2.2 Army.
  • 3.2.3 Coast Guard.
  • 3.2.4 Marine Corps.
  • 3.2.5 Navy.
  • Does the US Army Band deploy?

    You will deploy as a Band member and perform duties assigned to your Band in your location like concerts for the troops, playing for ceremonies, and using music as a diplomatic tool to improve relations with local nationals. Deployments range in length from 1-12 months.

    Where are the band the Monks from?

    Gelnhausen, GermanyThe Monks / Origin

    Was Glenn Miller in the military?

    In 1942, Miller volunteered to join the U.S. military to entertain troops during World War II, ending up with the U.S. Army Air Forces. On December 15, 1944, while flying to Paris, Miller’s aircraft disappeared in bad weather over the English Channel. He was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star Medal.

    Do US Army band members see combat?

    Although military musicians rarely see active combat, on some occasions they may be deployed to conflict zones—and all are required to complete basic combat training regardless.

    Who were the monks band?

    The Monks were an English pop punk/new wave band, formed in the late 1970s by three former members of Strawbs—Richard Hudson (guitar), John Ford (vocals, guitars, synthesisers) and Brian Willoughby—along with Terry Cassidy (vocals and synthesisers) and Clive Pierce (drums).