What areas are covered by Belfast City Council?

Councillors by electoral area

  • Balmoral (5)
  • Black Mountain (7)
  • Botanic (5)
  • Castle (6)
  • Collin (6)
  • Court (6)
  • Lisnasharragh (6)
  • Oldpark (6)

Where is the county boundary in Belfast?

Three other large towns and cities are on its border: Newry lies on the western border with County Armagh, while Lisburn and Belfast lie on the northern border with County Antrim….County Down.

County Down Contae an Dúin Coontie Doon/Countie Doun
County town Downpatrick
• Total 961 sq mi (2,489 km2)
• Rank 12th

What two counties cover Belfast?

The modern and lively city of Belfast is situated on the east coast of Ireland, straddling the border between counties Antrim and Down and the rivers Lagan and Farset.

What is the Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan?

Belfast Urban Area Plan (BUAP) 2001 The purpose of the BUAP is to establish physical development policies for this broad urban area up to 2001. It clarifies the extent and location of development and provides a framework for public and private agencies in their investment decisions relating to land use.

What does pro tanto quid Retribuamus mean?

The motto of the arms PRO TANTO QUID RETRIBUAMUS can be translated as ‘what shall we give in return for so much’ and provides a pleasing edge inscription for the Belfast £1 coin.

Where does Belfast end?

‘Belfast’ Ending Explained: A Sad Goodbye One morning, the boy has to run to his father, sitting at a pub, to tell him the news of his grandfather’s demise and to bring him home. The family holds his funeral with a heavy heart and then tries to accept the death and move on with it as they prepare to leave.

Is Moira Catholic or Protestant?

The parish is a rectory in the diocese of Dromore. In the Roman Catholic Church the parish is the head of a district comprising Moira, Magheralin and Aghalee. In the first two places are chapels. There is also a meeting-places for Presbyterians and places of worship for Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists.

Is Crumlin Road Catholic or Protestant?

Ardoyne is bordered on the west by the Crumlin Road, an area which has for the most part a majority Protestant population and forms an interface area. For many years, on the Twelfth and during the rest of the marching season parades held by the Orange Order have led to conflict between the two communities.

Is Belfast Urban?

The continuous built-up area centred on Belfast, which is contained within these six districts, is defined as the Belfast Metropolitan Urban Area. The Belfast metropolitan urban area had a population of 579,276 in 2001.

Is a seahorse a symbol of Belfast?

The symbol of Belfast is a seahorse Pointing to the city’s maritime history, the symbol of a seahorse has strong connections with Belfast. Early merchants printed the creature on their coins throughout the 17th Century, and two seahorses still feature on Belfast’s coat of arms.