What are the various roles and responsibilities of network layer?

The network layer has two main functions. One is breaking up segments into network packets, and reassembling the packets on the receiving end. The other is routing packets by discovering the best path across a physical network.

What are the two critical responsibilities of the network layer?

Network layer: Handles the routing and sending of data between different networks. The most important protocols at this layer are IP and ICMP. 2. Data link layer: Handles communications between devices on the same network.

What are the responsibilities of network layer short question?

7. What are the responsibilities of network layer? The network layer is responsible for the source-to-destination delivery of packet across multiple network links.

Which layer is responsible for data control?

Data Link The data link layer is further divided into two sublayers: The Logical Link Control (LLC) sublayer is responsible for flow controls and error controls that ensure error-free and accurate data transmission between the network nodes.

What are link layer services?

Data Link Layer is generally representing protocol layer in program that is simply used to handle and control the transmission of data between source and destination machines. It is simply responsible for exchange of frames among nodes or machines over physical network media.

Which of the following tasks is not done by data link layer?

2. Which of the following tasks is not done by data link layer? Explanation: Channel coding is the function of physical layer. Data link layer mainly deals with framing, error control and flow control.

What are the responsibilities of the transport layer in the Internet model?

The transport layer is responsible for error-free, end-to-end delivery of data from the source host to the destination host. It corresponds to the transport layer of the OSI model. It facilitates the communicating hosts to carry on a conversation. It provides an interface for the users to the underlying network.

What is data link layer in OSI model?

The data link layer is the protocol layer in a program that handles the moving of data into and out of a physical link in a network. The data link layer is Layer 2 in the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) architecture model for a set of telecommunication protocols.

What are the services provided by data link layer?

The main functions of data link layer include framing, error detection and correction, acknowledgement, flow control, ensuring well-defined reliable service interface to the network layer, encapsulating packets from network layer to frames, etc.

What are the responsibilities of data link layer Mcq?

Data-link layer: This layer is responsible for moving frames from one hop to next. The Data-link layer divides the stream of bits received from the network layer into manageable units called frames. It adds a header to the frame to define the sender and receiver of the frame.

What are the responsibilities of the data link layer Mcq?

Which of the following is a data link layer function?