What are the UCMJ articles?

Articles of UCMJ

  • Article 31.
  • Article 80 Attempts.
  • Article 81 Conspiracy.
  • Article 85 Desertion.
  • Article 89 Disrespect Offenses.
  • Article 92 Failure to Obey an Order.
  • Article 93 Maltreatment.
  • Article 107 False Official Statements.

What is an Article 92?

Article 92 defines disobeying a direct order as three types of offenses – violations or failures to obey lawful general orders or regulations, failures to obey other lawful orders, and dereliction of duty. Article 92 charges are common in many prosecutions.

How many articles are there in UCMJ?

146 articles
How Many Articles Exist Under the UCMJ? There are 146 articles in the U.C.M.J, along with 12 sub-articles, bringing the number to 158.

What is an Article 134?

Adultery in the military is addressed under Article 134 of the UCMJ, also known as the “General Article,” which is a list of prohibited conduct that is of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces or is prejudicial to good order and discipline.

What is an Article 138?

Article 138, Uniform Code of Military Justice, provides that any member of the armed forces who believes himself wronged by his commander, and refused redress, may make a complaint to any superior commissioned officer, who will forward the complaint up to the General Court Martial Convening Authority (GCMCA).

What is an Article 13 in the military?

Article 13 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) prohibits the imposition of punishment or penalty upon an accused prior to trial, as well as pretrial arrest or confinement conditions which are more rigorous than “the circumstances required” to ensure the Soldier’s presence at trial.

What is Article 132 of the UCMJ?

Article 132 focuses upon the abuse of an otherwise lawful military authority for the purpose of retaliating against any person for reporting, or planning to report, a criminal offense or for making, or planning to make, a protected communication or to discourage any person from reporting a criminal offense or for …

What is Article 128 of the UCMJ?

Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the offense of assault can be committed by one of three ways – offer, attempt, or by battery. An assault by offer places another person in reasonable apprehension of force. The act or omission can be intentional or culpably negligent.