What are the two achievements of Yumilka Ruiz?


  • 2002 Pan-American Cup “Most Valuable Player”
  • 2002 World Championship “Best Scorer”
  • 2003 NORCECA Championship “Most Valuable Player”
  • 2004 FIVB World Grand Prix “Best Spiker”
  • 2005 Pan-American Cup “Best Spiker”
  • 2004/2005 Russian Super League “Most Valuable Player”

What are the medals secured by Yumilka Ruiz?

Volleyball at the 2000 Summer Olympics – Women’s tournament
Volleyball at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Women’s tournamentVolleyball at the 2004 Summer Olympics – Women’s tournament
Yumilka Ruiz/Medals

Who is the international female volleyball player in Cuba?

A triple Olympic champion with Cuba, Regla Torres is a towering figure in women’s volleyball and in 2001 was named Best Female Player of the 20th Century by the sport’s international federation, the FIVB.

How old is Regla Torres?

47 years (February 12, 1975)Regla Torres / Age

Who is the best spiker in volleyball?

Best Spikers

Shirt Name Faults
1 Anderson Matthew 12
2 Russell Aaron 9
3 Konarski Dawid 9
9 Ngapeth Earvin 24

Who is Regla Torres Herrera?

Regla Torres Herrera (born February 12, 1975 in Havana) is a Cuban volleyball player who has won three Olympic gold medals with her first being at the young, for volleyball, age of 17. She has played on the international circuit since she was 14.

What is Regla Torres doing now?

Taking her career one step further, Torres is now a coach and an analyst and commentator at international competitions.

Who is the best spiker in the world?

Best Spikers

Shirt Name Shots
1 Anderson Matthew 24
2 Russell Aaron 14
3 Konarski Dawid 23
9 Ngapeth Earvin 49