What are the stats for Atlanta Falcons?


  • Passing Yards / Game. 218.4. PYDS/G. 16TH OVERALL.
  • Rushing Yards / Game. 85.4. RYDS/G. 31ST OVERALL.
  • Kicking Points. 117. PTS.
  • Kick Return Avg. 21.7. K-RET AVG.
  • Punt Return Avg. 8.2. P-RET AVG.
  • Points Allowed. 423. PA.
  • Third Down % 38.9. 3RD% 19TH OVERALL.
  • Yards / Game. 303.8. YDS/G.

What was the Falcons best season?

In 1998, the Falcons recorded their most successful season in franchise history. The team won the NFC West with a 14-2 record and marched through the playoffs to claim the NFC championship and earned a trip to Super Bowl XXXIII.

Where does Atlanta defense rank?

9 in our 2022 NFL defense rankings.

What is Atlanta’s defense ranked this year?

Welcome to the 2021 Atlanta Falcons defense. Pro Football Focus ranked the defensive lines of all 32 teams in the NFL and – rooted in poor draft selections – ranked the Falcons No 31.

What are the Atlanta Falcons ranked?

Here is where the Atlanta Falcons rank in terms of average, best and worst: Average ranking: 24.8 (25th) Best ranking: 23 (CBS Sports) Worst ranking: 26 (Multiple)

How good are the Atlanta Falcons?

The team is 6-1 against conference opponents and unbeaten within their division—marks exceeded by no other NFL team. In a year where the AFC’s dominance over the NFC has been a hot topic, the Falcons are 3-1 in intraconference games.

Who has #1 defense in NFL?

Buffalo Bills
1. Buffalo Bills (No Change)

Are the Falcons the worst team in the NFL?

Their SRS rating, which is Pro Football Reference’s way of ranking each team based on point differential and strength of schedule, is fifth-worst in the NFL, ahead of only the Lions, Jaguars, Jets and Texans.

Is Atlanta Falcons a good team?

As of right now, Atlanta is the best team in the NFC as Chicago and New Orleans are the only other teams with eight wins. The Falcons deserve to be mentioned not only as the class of the NFC but also as the top overall team in the NFL. Simply so, Is Atlanta Falcons defense good?

Are the Atlanta Falcons a good football team?

The Falcons can’t be like a team like the Bengals because, despite the similarities in bottom-dwelling, the Bengals had much more going for them going into the 2021 offseason. That doesn’t mean the Falcons can’t be good, but their situations aren’t comparable.

What are the Atlanta Falcons home record?

The Falcons have called three stadiums home in their 51 years of existence, and its third home in their history opened in the late summer of 2017. The first was the Atlanta–Fulton County Stadium , sharing with the Atlanta Braves Major League Baseball team until 1991.

Are the Atlanta Falcons for real?

The Falcons have managed to win in new ways every single week. After five weeks of impressive success we can finally call the Falcons legit. I am having trouble explaining this. I can barely believe it. Except I have seen the Atlanta Falcons dominate game after game against opponents no one gave Atlanta a chance at beating.