What are the shortcut keys of MS Excel?

Workbook Shortcut Keys

  • To create a new workbook. Ctrl + N.
  • To open an existing workbook. Ctrl + O.
  • To save a workbook/spreadsheet. Ctrl + S.
  • To close the current workbook. Ctrl + W.
  • To close Excel. Ctrl + F4.
  • To move to the next sheet. Ctrl + PageDown.
  • To move to the previous sheet. Ctrl + PageUp.
  • To go to the Data tab. Alt + A.

What is the function of Ctrl A to Z in Excel?

Ctrl + A → Select all content. Ctrl + Z → Undo an action. Ctrl + Y → Redo an action.

What is Ctrl M in Excel?

When used in the Microsoft Windows calculator, pressing Ctrl + M stores the current calculator value in memory. This keyboard shortcut is the same as pressing the MS button.

What is function of F1 to F12 keys in Excel?

Function Keys in Excel are a handy and faster way of doing certain tasks by using the keyboard instead of a mouse. In this article, we are going to discuss the use of excel function keys (F1 to F12)….Excel Shortcut Keys Table.

Shortcut Brief Description
Shift + F12 Saves the workbook like “Alt + Shift + F2” keys.

What is var p in Excel?

The VAR. P function calculates variance for data that represents an entire population. Variance measures how far a data set is spread out, giving you a general idea of the spread of your data. The VAR. P function can accept up to 254 arguments.

What is Ctrl y Excel?

In Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs, pressing Ctrl + Y will redo any previously-undone action.

What is F8 in Excel?

F8 Turns extend mode on or off. In extend mode, Extended Selection appears in the status line, and the arrow keys extend the selection. Shift+F8 enables you to add a nonadjacent cell or range to a selection of cells by using the arrow keys.