What are the requirements for Stage 2 Meaningful Use?

Meaningful Use Stage 2 core objectives Measure one requires the use of CPOE to record more than 60% of medication orders created by the eligible professional (EP) during the EHR reporting period. For the second measure, more than 30% of the EPs laboratory orders must be captured by CPOE during the reporting period.

What is the main goal of meaningful use Stage 2 and how does IT reflect quality improvement?

In keeping with the theme of stage 2, CMS emphasizes data sharing, patient engagement, and decision support in order to improve clinical quality measures. Rationalizing quality metrics. The clinical quality measures represent a major advance, aligning quality scorecards across HHS’ programs.

What is a post dated cheque?

POST-DATED CHEQUES. The Borrower (s) or the Guarantor (s) shall deposit with the lender Post dated Cheques for the amount of Installments and shall ensure that adequate balance are available in the bank account from which the Post dated Cheques have been issued.

What is the validity of a post-dated cheque in India?

In India, the validity of a post-dated cheque is 3 months from the date mentioned on the cheque. Similarly, each country has specific rules related to the issue and validity of the post-dated cheque Why is it not advisable to issue a post-dated cheque?

How many post dated cheques does a tenant have to deliver?

The Tenant shall deliver to the Landlord at the beginning of each new Lease year, a series of six (6) postdated cheques in payment of Rent and Additional Rent. POST-DATED CHEQUES.

How does a post dated check affect the financial statements?

Thus, the post dated check has no impact on the financial statements of ABC International until the date listed on the check. Realistically, the recipient of a post dated check may never notice that the check has been post dated, and so will record and deposit it at once.