What are the Metaparadigm for the Giger and Davidhizar Transcultural Assessment Model Select all that apply Group of answer choices?

The metaparadigm for the Giger and Davidhizar Transcultural Assessment Model includes (1) transcultural nursing and culturally diverse nursing, (2) culturally competent care, (3) culturally unique individuals, (4) culturally sensitive environments, and (5) health and health status based on culturally specific illness …

What is Spector’s health traditions model?

Spector’s (2002) Health Traditions Model is based on a continuum of behavior patterns ranging from the culture of origin to acculturation and integration into the new culture. The model explores how individuals from a traditional perspective maintain health, protect health (prevent illness), and restore health.

What are the 12 cultural domains identified in Purnell’s model of cultural competence that should be accounted for when conducting a nursing assessment?

The Purnell model includes twelve domains: overview or heritage, communication, family roles and organization, workforce issues, bio-cultural ecology, high-risk behaviors, nutrition, pregnancy, death rituals, spirituality, healthcare practices, and healthcare professionals [11].

What are the cultural phenomena identified in the Giger and Davidhizar 2007 Transcultural Assessment Model Please select all that apply?

The model includes six cultural phenomena: communication, time, space, social organization, environmental control, and biological variations.

What are the example of cultural phenomena?

The thing that gains popularity is not a cultural phenomenon; rather, the cultural phenomenon is the process of something becoming popular. For example, Beyonce accumulating a large fan base is a cultural phenomenon. The theory is people are more prone to like something because other people like it.

Which four 4 components are included in the culturally competent model of care?

Campinha-Bacote proposes a culturally competent model of care that includes cultural awareness, cultural knowledge, cultural skill, and cultural encounters. The components of this model are: Cultural awareness.

What is the Rachel Spector’s health traditions model?

The HEALTH Traditions Model uses the concept of holis- tic HEALTH and explores what people do from a traditional perspective to maintain HEALTH, protect HEALTH or pre- vent illness, and/or restore HEALTH.

When was Spector’s health traditions model created?

The HEALTH Traditions Model This model developed over time and was formally created in 1994 with the mounting of the Immigrant HEALTH Traditions exhibit at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum.

What did Purnell define culture as?

The Purnell model explains that culture is the unconscious ways learned within our families, in which we develop our behavior, values, customs, and thought characteristics that guide our decision making and the way we view the world around us.

Why is Purnell Model important?

The importance of the model is also acknowledged due to its ability to represent multiple outlooks on the world; that assist when providing individuals with culturally competent care.