What are the last names of the 4 families in The Joy Luck Club?

During her flight from a war-torn area of China, Suyuan lost her twin daughters, Chwun Yu and Chwun Hwa. In San Francisco, Suyuan revived the Joy Luck Club with Lindo, An-mei, and Ying-ying. See “Analysis of Major Characters.”

Who are the members of The Joy Luck Club?

The Joy Luck Club was formed by four women in San Francisco: Lindo Jong (Tsai Chin), Ying-Ying St. Clair (France Nuyen), An-Mei Hsu (Lisa Lu), and Suyuan Woo (Kieu Chinh). The members have mainly played mahjong and told each other’s stories over the years.

Who found the twins in Joy Luck Club?

Jing-mei’s father has since learned that the twins were found by two Muslim peasants, Mei Ching and Mei Han, who lived in a stone cave, hidden from the ravages of the war.

How many kids does An-mei have?

seven children
An-mei comes to America, marries, and has seven children. Her youngest child, Bing, drowns in the ocean. Lindo Jong Betrothed at infancy to Tyan-yu, Lindo marries him when she is twelve years old, after floods destroy her parents’ home.

Who is Lena’s dad in Joy Luck Club?

St. Clair
Lena’s father, St. Clair, was in charge of her parents’ relationship, making all of the important decisions, including the decision to bring Ying-ying to America, to change her name to Betty, and even selecting the apartment they lived in.

What happens to An-mei’s father?

In the flashback, An-mei’s father is dead, and Popo wants An-mei to also think of her mother as dead because she brought great disgrace to the family by becoming a number-three concubine.

What scars do An-mei and her mother have?

The physical scars that both An-Mei and her mother carry are very symbolic. An-Mei is severely burned by boiling soup and carries a scar from the incident. An-Mei’s mother cuts her own flesh to make a soup meant to heal her mother, Popo. Like her daughter, she also has a scar.

Does An-mei’s mother have a name?

An-mei’s mother had returned home when her own mother, Popo, lay dying. After Popo died, An-mei’s mother prepared to leave. On the eve of her departure, she told An-mei a story from her childhood, when she was a little girl about An-mei’s age.

Where do June and her father meet his family?

Back in the present, Jing-mei and her father arrive in Guangzhou, where they are meeting Canning’s family. Members of Canning’s family (most importantly Canning’s aunt, who he hasn’t seen since he was nine) are there to greet them at the train station.

What is An-mei’s mother’s name?

Suyuan Woo

Suyuan Woo Jing Mei’s mother. A joy luck auntie who lost her twin babies.
Canning Woo Suyuan’s second husband.
Ying-Ying St. Clair Suyuan’s friend. aka: Betty St. Clair.
Jack Auntie Ying’s brother. A joy luck uncle.

How old is An-mei when her mother returns for the second time?

An-mei’s mother arrives one day to tend to her sick mother. An-mei’s mother brushes her daughter’s hair, whispering, “you know me.” And then she rubs the scar on her daughter’s neck, leading An-mei into a flashback. In the flashback, An-mei is four-years-old and her mother is trying to take her away.