What are the characteristics of Cercopithecidae?

The cercopithecines are omnivorous, have cheek pouches, and simple stomachs; while the colobines are folivorous, lack cheek pouches, and have complex stomachs. Cercopithecids are medium to large size, ranging from around 1.5kg to over 50 kg. Many have a stocky build.

Do all Cebidae have prehensile tails?

These comparatively small and nervous primates measure between 20 and 40 cm in body length; the tail is longer than the body and varies in length between 35 and 47 cm. The tails of these monkeys are not prehensile and are not actively involved in any grasping activities.

What are the two groups of Cercopithecoidea monkeys?

Extant cercopithecines are divided into two major groups, usually recognized as tribes. The larger papionins [macaques, mangabeys, baboons (Fig. 17), geladas, and mandrills] are the largest cercopithecoids and have a rich fossil record in the Pliocene and Pleistocene.

What is the meaning of Cercopithecidae?

Medical Definition of Cercopithecidae : a family of primates that includes all the Old World monkeys except the anthropoid apes and is coextensive with a superfamily (Cercopithecoidea)

Do Cercopithecidae monkeys have Y 5 molars?

More specifically, the apes can be distinguished from Old World monkeys by the number of cusps on their molars: apes have five, the “Y-5” molar pattern, while Old World monkeys have only four in a “bilophodont” pattern.

How do Old World monkeys move?

Except for a few Old World forms, monkeys are predominantly arboreal, leaping from limb to limb in their travels among the trees. Their hands and feet are both used for grasping and typically have five digits, the thumb and big toe being divergent from the others.

What is the difference between catarrhine and platyrrhine?

Catarrhines and platyrrhines are distinguished by the shape of their nostrils. Catarrhines have narrow downward facing nostrils, while platyrrhines have broad, flat, sideways facing nostrils. There are certain physical features that help set primates apart from other animals.

How do you pronounce Cercopithecidae?

Phonetic spelling of Cercopithecidae

  1. Cer-co-p-ithe-ci-dae.
  2. cer-co-p-ithe-ci-dae. Madelynn Ankunding.
  3. Cer-co-pithecidae. Raphaelle Kirlin.

How old is the oldest monkey?


Rank Name Age
1 Fatou 65 years, 140 days
2 Helen 64 years, 140 days
3 Trudy 63 years, 204 days
4 Vila 61 years, 26 days