What are the challenges of Indian democracy explain?

1) Poverty, health care, low literacy rate, over population, unemployment are prevalent in most parts of India, hampering national progress. 2) Caste and gender discrimination continues to prevail in Indian Society, slackening advancement and development.

What are the major challenges of democracy?

Challenges of Democracy

  • Corruption and Inefficiency.
  • Role of Anti-Social Elements.
  • Growing Economic and Social Inequalities Among People.
  • Casteism and Communalism.

What are the challenges to Indian democracy Class 9?

Major challenges to Indian Democracy

  • Illiteracy.
  • Poverty.
  • Gender discrimination.
  • Regionalism.
  • Casteism, communalism and religious fundamentalism.
  • Corruption.
  • Criminalization of politics and political violence.

How is democracy successful functioning in our country?

The political conditions necessary for the successful working of democracy revolve around the regular conduct of free and fair elections through competent non-partisan administration; the active participation of the citizens in politics and existence of multiparty system; adequate separation of powers; effective checks …

What are the main challenges facing India?

What are the current major issues in India?

  • Corruption. The most widely spread endemic in India is corruption, which must be handled quickly and wisely.
  • Illiteracy. The percentage of illiteracy in India is alarming.
  • Education System.
  • Basic Sanitation.
  • Healthcare System.
  • Poverty.
  • Pollution.
  • Women’s Safety.

What were the major challenges of building democracy in India 12?

There were three major challenges of building democracy in India….The two challenges faced by India just after independence were:

  • Challenge to shape a nation which is accommodative of the diversity in our society.
  • Challenge to establish democracy.
  • Challenge to ensure development and well-being of the entire society.

What is the biggest challenge to Indian democracy?

Challenges of Indian Democracy

  • Illiteracy. Illiteracy has been a major challenge for India’s democracy since the independence of the country.
  • Poverty.
  • Gender discrimination.
  • Casteism.
  • Communalism.
  • Religious fundamentalism.
  • Regionalism.
  • Corruption.

What are the challenges to Indian democracy explain Brainly?

The three main challenges are the foundational challenge, the challenge of expansion, and the challenge of deepening of democracy. The challenge of expansion involves applying the basic principle of democratic government across all the religions, different social groups, and various institutions.

What is the biggest challenge before Indian democracy?

What factors describe the successful working of democracy in India?

Some important factors are there which are responsible for the success of the process of democracy.

  • Election: It is the fundamental basis of democracy.
  • Political freedom:
  • Education:
  • 4. Development of means of Communication:
  • Independent Judiciary:
  • Accountable Administration:
  • Freedom to form Political Parties:

Do you think India as a democracy is a successful nation explain Class 11?

Answer: Yes the democracy of India is successful because we are protected from attacks of other countries and we are been safe from untouchablity and discrimination.

What is one of the biggest challenges of independent India?

One of the biggest challenges of independent India has been to bring millions of its people out of abject poverty. Mahatama Gandhi always insisted that India would be truly independent only when the poorest of its people become free of human suffering.