What are the best quilting rulers?

Best Ruler for Quilting Reviews – Our 5 Favorites

  • #1: ARTEZA Acrylic Quilting Ruler.
  • #2: Omnigrid Square Value Pack Quilting Ruler.
  • #3: Fiskars Square Acrylic Quilting Rulers.
  • #4: Creative Grids Machine Quilter’s Rule Template.
  • #5: ARTEZA Quilting Ruler with Double Colored Grid Lines.

What size should a quilting ruler be?

Ideally, you should buy one that is the same size as the blocks in your project. So if your project is making 9″ finished blocks, you should get an 9.5″ Square-up ruler. If you don’t know what size your project calls for, a 9.5″ square ruler is a good one to start off with.

What is the largest quilting ruler?

This 12-1/2 x 24-1/2-inch rectangle ruler is a whopper – it’s the largest rectangle on the market. We call this one THE BIG EASY. This ruler is the perfect choice for home dec projects, trimming quilts, marking cross-hatching, and cutting borders.

How do you keep your quilting ruler from slipping?

Add Adhesive Grips Another way to help your rulers stay in place is to attach grip tape to the back of them. If your rulers are not non-slip, the surface of the back of your ruler will be smooth and slippery. We need to create some grip on the back so the ruler won’t slip off of the fabric.

Are all Omnigrid rulers Non Slip?

Definitely is NOT Non-Slip. This is a good quilting ruler, but is not slip resistant.

Are all Omnigrid rulers Non-Slip?

What is a gypsy gripper?

The Original Gypsy Gripper The Gypsy Gripper has a comfortable, ergonomic handle with a suction cup on each end. Each end has a hand lock and release levers that make it easy to attach and remove the gripper. The gripper puts even pressure on the ruler, which makes it easier to cut fabric.

Where are Westalee rulers made?

Who are Westalee Design? Westalee Design’s Ruler Foot for Domestic Sewing Machines has found its way into homes around the world. It was manufactured and distributed in Australia and also manufactured and distributed in the USA by Sew Steady.

How thick are Westalee rulers?

Please note that while the low and medium shank ruler foot from Westalee comes with 3mm thick templates, many of our Westalee rulers and templates are only stocked in 4.5 mm thickness. Thicker rulers are easier to grip and keep in the proper place.