What are the best classes in Final Fantasy Tactics?

Final Fantasy Tactics – Best and Worst Classes in FFT

  • Best: Squire. I know what you’re thinking.
  • Worst: Archer. Archers suckkkkkk in Final Fantasy Tactics.
  • Best: Monk. Monks are super versatile.
  • Worst: Bard. Bard is kind of a wacky class idea to begin with.
  • Best: Samurai.
  • Worst: Mystic.
  • Best: Black Mage.
  • Worst: White Mage.

Can you be a Holy Knight in Final Fantasy Tactics?

Holy Knight is a special job in Final Fantasy Tactics. It is Agrias Oaks’s default job, and focuses on swords and techniques that cause heavy damage from afar. It requires 3,350 JP to master. Delita has the Holy Knight job from Chapter 2 onwards, with the addition of Chant ability from Squire.

How do you get Beowulf in Final Fantasy Tactics?

Once in Chapter 4 the player must head for the Clockwork City of Goug to witness a cutscene, then listen to a rumor at Mining Town of Gollund. Traveling to Lesalia will introduce Beowulf in the pub, looking for people to hire to help him on his quest. If the player agrees to help him he will join the party as a guest.

How do you get the secret characters in FFT?

Secret Characters

  1. Balthier – After you see the cutscene during chapter four at Bervenia, read the rumors at the pub in Gollund.
  2. Beowulf – Read the rumors at Goland, and then head to Lesalia.
  3. Biblos – After clearing all ten levels of the Deep Dungeon, this character will become available for recruitment.

How do you get the Samurai job in Final Fantasy Tactics?

How do you unlock the Samurai class in Final Fantasy Tactics? Samurai requires Knight level 4, Monk level 5 and Dragoon level 2 to unlock.

What does the Onion Knight do in Final Fantasy Tactics?

The Onion Knight learns no abilities and is unable to equip abilities of any kind. Onion Knights’ special ability being able to use any kind of equipment, and is the only job class to equip the famed Onion equipment.

Are Paladins Holy Knights?

The distinct difference between Paladins and Holy Knights are the type of Holy Sword skills the latter utilizes, having the ability to perform skills that both deal heavy damage and inflict status ailments on foes.

How do I get balthier FFT?

Unlock Balthier

  1. When you reach Chapter 4, head over to The Mining Town of Gollund.
  2. Check the « Rash of Thefts » rumor from the tavern.
  3. Drop by The Merchant City of Dorter’s tavern and read the « A Call for Guards » rumor.
  4. Leave town, and you’ll automatically enter a battle.

How do you unlock Dragoon in Final Fantasy Tactics?

How do you unlock the Dragoon class in Final Fantasy Tactics? Dragoon requires Thief level 4 to unlock.