What are the best chilli sauces?

10 of the best hot sauces

  • Valentina salsa picante.
  • Cholulua original hot sauce.
  • El Yucateco Habanero Green sauce.
  • Raja Bonnet original hot sauce.
  • Flying Goose sriracha.
  • Woolfs Kitchen sauce trio.
  • Lao Gan Ma crispy chilli in oil.
  • Lee Kum Kee chiu chow chilli oil.

What can I do with chile peppers?

The 13 Best Ways to Utilize Chili Peppers

  1. Pickled chilies.
  2. Dry your peppers.
  3. Chili powder. A basic pepper powder recipe:
  4. Freeze your chili fruits.
  5. Make a hot sauce!
  6. Create a chili jam.
  7. Fresh salsa.
  8. Cooked salsa.

How do you make chili sauce with peppers?


  1. Add the peppers, garlic cloves, salt, and water in a food processor.
  2. Transfer to a clean glass container and cover with a cheesecloth.
  3. After 1-2 days, stir in the apple cider vinegar.
  4. After 1 week, transfer to a blender and purée until smooth.
  5. Transfer to a clean jar or hot sauce bottle and refrigerate.

What is chile sauce made of?

The balance in this chili sauce recipe is a combination of sweetness, acidity, chili heat (spiciness), and salt. Acidity comes from the tomato paste, the apple cider vinegar, and the Worcestershire sauce. Sweet flavors are added in by using sweet onion and sugar to balance the acidity of the tomato sauce.

What is the hottest pepper sauce in the world?

Mad Dog 357 Plutonium No. 9
1) Mad Dog 375 Plutonium No. The most extreme heat you can buy? The hottest hot sauce in the world is called Mad Dog 357 Plutonium No. 9 and comes in at 9 million Scoville Hotness Units (SHUs). This pepper extract is one of the hottest and purest in the entire world.

What is the most popular hot sauce in Mexico?

Valentina is arguably the most popular Mexican hot sauce in Mexico. This might be the most classic hot sauce you could choose, and it goes with practically everything. This sauce uses puya chiles and the flavor is more chile-forward than vinegar.

What can I do with a lot of cayenne peppers?

Uses for Cayenne Peppers

  1. Cayenne Pepper Powder. No more buying it from the store!
  2. Red Pepper Flakes.
  3. Medicinal Uses of Cayenne Peppers.
  4. Spicy Tea.
  5. Pizza Toppings.
  6. Stir Fry.
  7. Cayenne Pepper Sauce (AKA Hot Sauce or Hot Pepper Sauce)
  8. Cayenne Pepper Infused Vinegar.

What can I make with lots of peppers?

Flavorful Soups

  1. Roasted Pepper & Butternut Squash Soup.
  2. Roasted Red Pepper Soup.
  3. Bell Pepper Chicken & Dill Soup.
  4. Turkey Stuffed Bell Peppers.
  5. Long Sweet Pepper Boats.
  6. Bell Peppers Stuffed with Tomato Couscous.
  7. Mini Sweet Pepper & Orange Cranberry Muffins.
  8. Bell Pepper Cornbread.

What is hottie sauce made of?

Hottie, made with honey, cider vinegar, Aleppo pepper and Louisiana-made, cayenne-pepper-based Crystal hot sauce, “flaunts a sweet, yet bold flavor with a hint of spice, inspired by Megan’s sassy personality,” according to the Popeyes marketing folks.

Is chili sauce the same as Sriracha?

Sriracha and sweet chili sauce are two different things. Where sriracha packs an element of heat, sweet chili sauce is dominated with a sweet garlic taste. Apart from being a lot less chili, the flavor profile is almost the same, but keep in mind that sriracha sauce is different from tabasco or any other hot sauce.