What are the barangays in Jaro Iloilo City?


Barangays Population (2020) Area
Tabuc Suba 10,866 1.30
Tacas 6,289 3.65
Tagbac 5,035 1.37

What district is Jaro Iloilo City?

Jaro is one of the seven districts of Iloilo City, in the Philippine province of Iloilo. Its original name was Salog or Saro. It has been one of the more economically-advanced areas of Iloilo City even during the Spanish colonial period and probably the richest town of the entire colony (1521-1898).

What barangay is Iloilo City?


Barangays Population (2020) Density
/sq mi
Yulo-Arroyo 155 10,000
Zamora-Melliza 2,698 47,000
Iloilo City Proper 46,350 32,000

How many barangays are there in Iloilo City?

Local government units. Iloilo has 42 municipalities and 1 city. The total number of barangays in the province is 1,721.

What was the original name of the municipality of Jaro?

As historical data points out, the municipality of Jaro was once called “Salug,” a proximate location to the Cabayongan River.

What are the 7 districts in Iloilo City?

Iloilo City is divided into 7 districts, namely: City Proper, Jaro, La Paz, Lapuz, Mandurriao, Molo, and Villa Arevalo. With the exception of Lapuz, all the districts are formerly towns merged to form the present city.

What does Jaro mean?

Jaro means “fierce” or “energetic” (from Old Slavic “jarŭ/ꙗръ”) and “spring” (from Old Slavic “jara/ꙗра”). In Finnish, Jaro means “helmed warrior” (from Jari).

How do you pronounce Jaro Iloilo?

Jaro is pronounced as Ha-ro:) – Review of Jaro Cathedral, Iloilo City, Philippines – Tripadvisor.

Who built Jaro Cathedral?

Mariano Cuartero
The original cathedral was built in 1864 by the first bishop of Jaro, Mariano Cuartero, O.P. In 1948, the church was destroyed by an earthquake and later restored in 1956 by the first Archbishop of Jaro, Jose Maria Cuenco.

What municipality is Mandurriao?

Surrounded by Molo, City Proper, La Paz, and Jaro, Mandurriao was then a municipality before being incorporated into the then-municipality of Iloilo by Act No. 719 of 1903.