What are some of the funniest prank calls?

Why Did You Call? This prank can be pulled on people who are older.

  • Who are you? Who am I?
  • Is Your Refrigerator Running?
  • Order Food That the Outlet doesn’t Serve Food outlets are one of the best places to prank calls.
  • What is the best Halloween prank?

    “Halloween on Spooner Street” (Season 9,Episode 4)

  • “Petergeist” (Season 4,Episode 26)
  • “ Family Guy Viewer Mail No. 1″ (Season 3,Episode 21)
  • “ Three Kings” (Season 7,Episode 15)
  • “ And Then There Were Fewer” (Season 9,Episode 1)
  • “ Peternormal Activity” (Season 14,Episode 4)
  • “ Must Love Dogs” (Season 20,Episode 3)
  • What are the best pranks ever?

    I don’t want the lame ones like I trashed my Sister’s room. I want ones where they walk straight into the prank and had no idea what was coming at them. To be honest, my prank was a little lame but I was dying

    What are some good kid pranks?

    Simple Pranks For Kids. You can try these pranks on your children.

  • Food Pranks For Kids. Try these pranks during holidays,for during normal days you wouldn’t want your kid to miss the school bus!
  • Epic Pranks For Kids.
  • Phone Pranks For Kids.
  • Bathroom Pranks For Kids.
  • Sleeping Pranks.
  • What is a good prank call?

    Tom Holland and Timothée Chalamet are two of the biggest young stars working today, and they’re also good pals Greg James and the two decided to call some of their celebrity friends and

    What are some of the best phone pranks ever?

    Chickity China Chinese Chicken

  • John Cena Prank Call The prank that launched WWE’s biggest star into unprecedented international meme status. Who knew “BRRRAPPADOOOO” was such an effective way to troll?
  • Child Support The best of the Mr.
  • Is it illegal to make prank phone calls?

    Prank calling is illegal in most states as it is often considered a form of harassment, stalking or bullying. When Gerald Gault* was fifteen years old, he made an obscene telephone call. The call was traced to Gerald′s house in Globe, Arizona.